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Music Lessons – Season 1 – Episode 2 [Completed]

She carefully unzipped his pants, looking up at him with her big blue eyes and a faint smile on her face. When his almost unused cock popped out it was massive and when he’d said it was hard as a rock he wasn’t exaggerating.

When she slipped it between her bright red lips he almost sucked all the air out of the room. And then when she started to fondle his balls and slide up and down his shaft he felt his blood pressure go up to a dangerous level.

It wasn’t long before he felt his sperm bank getting ready to make a deposit and so he yelled out to warn her. She quickly moved back and it shot all over her top.

“It was due for the laundry anyway,” she laughed, and taking it off she slung it across the floor followed by her bra.

There was a fluffy rug by the window and after a little tongue wrestling and tit fondling, they took to the floor. Soon, they were both completely naked and she was on her back with his head between her legs. Mike was licking her cunt like he hadn’t eaten in weeks when she suddenly began to scream and her body shook all over. Looking down at her jiggling tits and quivering quim he took his cock in hand and then drove it into her.

“O f**k,” she cried out as he pinched her n*pples between his fingers and thumbs and started pumping into her warm well-lubricated recess.

“Go faster, go faster,” she pleaded and he f*cked her so hard she thought her p**sy would be damaged beyond repair.

Suddenly, when he was on the short strokes, they heard the front door open.

“Holy shit it’s my husband,” she cried and quickly got to her feet almost fracturing his cock in the process.

When the big burly sailor walked into the room, poor Mike was still on his hands and knees with cum dripping out the end of his d!ck.

“This is Mike,” she told her husband, he’s been giving me lessons on the Piccolo.”

“I’ll show you how to play the f*cking Piccolo,” he yelled, and as his wife stood by begging for his forgiveness, he picked the instrument up from the floor, went over to the naked cowering music teacher and rammed it right up his ass. After which he virtually tossed him into the street.

Battered and bruised the young musician was taken to hospital by a passerby and quickly wheeled into surgery. It took over an hour to remove the small woodwind instrument from his rectum and the doctor said it was fortunate he didn’t play the Clarinet. THE END

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