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Mr Irresistable (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 22



rejected me, I didn’t even bother looking
for it. who wants to sleep when his life
is on the ropes, I watch time and the ancient
ring on my left hand keenly till 6am. I received
a call from Sam. That they are here already,
I left the guest house with them, the drive
to my house was a quiet one. I called D.P.O
to release and bring the guy they caught
to my house is time I take the bull by the
horn. I made some calls and what to make
him tell on the person who has sworn that
I will know no peace in my life. He was
brought to the house, treated and well
fed, I called him to the sitting room.

Me: so who sent you? *I drop the bag of 5million naira on the table*

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Abath: *silent*

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Me: this is visa to England and green card to enable you live there *at the sight of the visa his eyes left it sockets*

Abath: thank you Jesus *he jump off his feet and shouting*

Me: *you know Jesus and you wan kill* who sent you?

Abath: our queen *I was confused* her name is Daborah Isha.

Me: haaa…! sister G*gorilla* excuse me.

I went
inside my room to call pastor Jeremiah
if sister Gorilla is with him and the answer
is negative. I asked him to tell me who she
is or I will make sure all his evil activities in the
church is exposed, he confessed that she
blackmailed him and asked him to bring
her to me. Thank God I have eyes for good
thing if not I’d have been gone so soon.
Minutes later my phone alerted me of a
text message from sister Gorilla. Maybe
she is aware that I have known her evil
schemes. I picked up my phone and dialed
Samuel’s number.

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Me: hello Sambisa.

Sam: oga uncle, the future of land of death. Are you still alive?

Me: I no get time to quarrel, bounce my house. We need to see Baba.

Sam: you wan quit….

called of the call, my mind just temme
say, my go see Baba. I no even know why,
When I reach that bridge I go cross am.
Sam arrived at my mansion and we left
my house to Baba shrine like office with

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