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Mothers Strike (A True Life Story) – Season 1 – Episode 9 [Completed]

I couldn’t wait any further i dived i straight into the rest room and saw no entrance. It was all sealed up.
” hey, what da fucvk are you doing inside there, open up will ya?” i heard Dr Brutus [email protected] the door again while ordering i open the door. I got so tensed up and started searching vigorously for the entrapment.
I got so tired and sat on the bathtub, i was helpless. I realised the bathtub rested and was a little foamy. I stood up and tried checking what made it soft. I raised it up and saw a door under it la!d flat on the floor underneath the bathtub. Meanwhile, Hiltin had already started breaking the door.

I opened the door and saw a ladder leading to an unknown destination. I climbed down immediately as i was so afraid, infact i forgot to bring down tye door, i left it opened. Immediately i finished climbing the door i saw water on the floor, i got afraid i was inside a well. Now i was no more afraid of death. I jumped down and my leg hit a solid ground, i then realised the water was going through a tunnel. I bent low and started crawling though the hole. I realised the tunnel was very long and i couldn’t see any light beyond the tunnel.

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I was now so determined not to go back, if i have to die inside this shiithole, so be it.
I crawled further. It was just about 30minutes after which i had started crawling through the hole when i started feeling a bit strange about myself. I was tired and my visions had started to blur.

” did you know your father killed my father ?” I saw uncle Tunbosun in something that looks like a vision. ‘ am i dead ‘ i asked myself.
” No you are not, im real and i must let you know that i killed your father because he killed our father too ” Uncle Tunbosun declared as he disappeared from my vision.

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” mother join me….. Come here now, i want to sU-Ck from you ”
what nonsense is this…. How could a baby speak. I realised it was my baby that was speaking to me. I was weak already and i fell asleep.

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I woke up after i heard something like vehicles moving over the tunnel. I started crawling further until i began seeing a glimpse of light.
Oh i wasnt dead after all, i was only hallucinating. All the dramas that happened inside that hole were only hallucinations.

I started moving faster as i realised im approaching my escape. At last i got there and it was a pithole buried to sU-Ck water away from the road.
I peeped from where i was and saw vehicles moving on a fast pace and they aint stopping.

I pushed the covering up and it opened. I felt a fresh oxygen sU-Cked into my nostrils. I raised my head up and the next person i saw was you.

Now i know Mothers are on strike if not, i couldn’t take care of my own yet, my mother left me to suffer this much. Mothers are indeed on strike.

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Im sorry was all i could say to miss Ibukun Olaife. I tried matching my break as hard as i could, but it was so near and i had crushed her badly. I immediately rushed her to a nearby hospital, but she was rejected, she was referred here( general hospital ) and the doctor had said she may not survive this. She is not going to die on me, i assured myself but just then she said….

” i pray i dont survive this ” , but if i finally die, please tell my story.”

she said this and gave up the ghost. The doctor declared she was gone. I cant help but crying while i type miss Ibukun’s life account. She was indeed right….. ‘ mothers are on strike ‘ if not the likes of Brutus, chipappii and co were born by some mothers.

The End!!

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