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Mothers Strike (A True Life Story) – Season 1 – Episode 2

I was born as everyone was, but it seems my life is just all chaos.

My father Engineer Olaife, a renowned man. He was never found wanton when its time to help. He could practically give his last meal to any starving person beside him. I grew to know my father as someone who dont celebrates birthdays. Anytime its his birthday, he visits the orphanage homes and donates gift. He never stopped doing this until his demise.

I would never forget 7th of july when he got hacked to death right before my own eyes.
Papa, aa i will always call him is a father of envy.
He had 4 of his relations living with us under the same roof. My father gave them the best education all they wanted was never deprived.
I lost my mother the day i came into this world, she died because i live. she died after she lost a lot of blood…… That i was told.

My father had just returned from work, his driver already brought me home from aunty Felicity. I stay with her after school as she teaches me other extra lessons.

Dad Rushed in and i knew he was probably going back out as he didnt bother asking after me. It was barely 30 minutes after he came, he returned from his room and dragged me by my hand.
” we are travelling Ibukun.” he said.
” To where ” i asked.
He didnt bother listening. He dragged me out and we headed into his car.

Just before we got into his car, my father almost frozed immediately as we saw 5 hefty men coming towards our direction, i was only 9years and i knew nothing about fear. I recognized one of these men coming… That was uncle Tunbosun. We lived together before he moved out just last year. I wasnt too young and i know they always talk about him as Manager. Yes, he manages one of My father’s company.

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” Stop or i shoot you ” That was incle Tunbosun ordering my dad who was already on his heels.
My dad stopped and the five men advanced towards him. I quietly moved away from there and opened the car and then slammed the door. These men didnt notice me as they are already busy having a conversation with my father.

” sign now ” My uncle ordered dad.
” But Tunbosun, why are you doing this…. I sent you to school, made you manager of all my company and you are here trying to ……..” my dad was about finishing his words before uncle striked him with a sharp cutlass. My dad shouted and fell to the ground.

“sign now and spear me this story ” uncle shouted again.

“please spear my daughter, please let her go”

” oh i thought i saw her now, hey you, search for her and bring her here. ” Uncle Tunbosun ordered his cohorts and they started looking for me. Meanwhile, i dropped low under the dashboard.

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” we cant find her ” A voice declared.

“nonsense, isnt she around here just now, i cant spear her, she saw me. Keep looking!” Just then, i heard a very terrifying sound. “gboa, gboa” That was gunshots. No need for me to search for who recieved the shots . That was my dad and im glad to tell you today that My bother killed my father in cold blood.

“look inside that car” someone ordered. I froze immediately and started saying the lord’s prayer. Just then i heard another chorus sound “ole, ole, ole ( thief theif their ).

“let’s go, let’s go” And they flew using the back door. Who could have known the routes of Our home, if not an insider. Uncle Tunbosun!
They released gunshots again and the sound of ‘thief’ subsides again while they flee. I opened the door and walked towards where my father lay in pool of his own blood. I got near him and saw him so lifeless. I wept so much that day and prayed to God he take me too.
People came into our compound and several pictures were taken, but no one came near nor touched him. These are thesame people father helped with his whole life.
I sat down with my dad, believing he will come back. What could i have done… Who will call me daughter again…. Who will carry me on his shoulders again…… Who will help me with my assignments again, even with his tight schedules…,. See him gone without saying goodbye to me….. Can you see that my father is so heartless, he knew my mother is not here again. Yet, he left me too. He has left me with these evil people…..

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God, aren’t you wicked too! You took my mother and now my Father….. Why not now take me too.. Why, why, God why? Tears rolled uncontrollable in my eyes without stop until no more tears could flow.
Everywhere was still dark and God was probably sleeping when i kept praying to him to take me.

Not long after sirens started blaring….. The police are around already. I saw then disengaging from their vehicle. It was not so long from that time when an Ahlaja in a full scarf came to me and told me to follow her. I didnt see the person’s face as it was all covered in the black scarf. She held me by the hand and i was already too weak to fight her, she took me thesame way my uncle used to escape after he killed my dad. Now, im not sure if it was my uncle who was taking me away and wanted to just finish me off.
I followed as i was so traumatised already.

I must say this to you…… I regretted that God ignored my prayers that day. He should have killed me. If i have died that day i will today be resting…… But who took me away….

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