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Mothers Strike (A True Life Story) – [Episode 1 – 9]

Mothers Strike (A True Life Story)

Mothers Strike (A True Life Story)

If only i knew when he was creating me… I might have asked to be created a wind, blow anywhere i wanted, no pains nor sorrow.

” i pray i dont survive this ” i said to myself.

Only God knows how i was so gullible and foolish. I had stayed indoors without food and this is the third day. I stesped out to beg for alms and maybe i could be lucky for another 3days with whatever amount i gathered from people who will have mercy on me.

I stepped out from my abode, and in case you don’t know i live just at a very good corner of Molete bridge amongst other residents. It was just barely two hours and i had already gotten almost nine hundred naira. ‘ This is enough for my upkeep’ i said to myself. I decided in my heart to turn back home. Just then, i realised someone was following me closer. At first i didnt see it as any problem as i knew i was in a public place. I then i stopped to allow him pass, ‘who knows maybe he had been staring at my ass’ i thought sharply.

He strolled pass me immediately i stopped and a soothing ease beckoned on me. I watched him as he turned a corner around iyana grammar…. Just then someone touched me from behind and smiled as if he knew me somewhere… I was still trying to remember if i knew him.

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” follow me now or die…. Scream and die too” This broad chested man said to me. His smiles had disappeared within seconds. He pointed his finger towards his belt region and i followed suit. Only for him to raise his t-shirt up and what i saw made me scream inside.
” scream and i kill you on this spot” He assured again.
He pointed his right hand towards north and ordered me to move in front of him, i obeyed without hesitation.

“oh not again” i murmured as i moved, yet sweating profusely. Well, that wasnt the first time i will be kidnapped just to be raped. It made it fourth time i get kidnapped. See, im not afraid of getting abducted but the rigors and suffers i go through is all i dislike, the spanks and all.

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We had barely trekked some distance before a vehicle halted in front of us.

” hey police help” i screamed after seeing the police van that stopped just in front of us. Immediately, i felt a hard metal hit my head and everything went black.

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I woke up very weak, so weak to even open my eyes. I finally opened my eyes and all i felt was cold and water rushing towards my nose and face. I heard voices but all i saw in front of me was like three trees.
It took some minutes before i could fully see. I realised i was terribly weak and could feel my head pounding heavily. That headache was severe. I tried moving but my body couldn’t i was chained hands and legs to a chair a sat on. My mouth was sealed. I looked down and saw my cloth soaked in blood and i could feel i had a deep cut on my head.

” Hey you, what is your name” i quickely looked up and saw the man who i earlier saw walked pass me, whom i suspected was staring at my ass from behind. He wasnt talking to me, he was pointing to a young lady who was about my age.
” Chidinma sir ” she answered so scared. Then he turned to another lady, im sure she should be older…
” Ibukun sir ”
” you ” Finally, the man turned to me.
I couldn’t talk due to the xelophene gum attached to my mouth. I expected him to understand that but he moved nearer and threw a powerful jab to my cheeks, and immediately my lips tore.
“oh, your mouth is sealed ” he laughed out at that and then removed the glue on my mouth.
” what is your name ” He thundered.
” pelumi sir ” And i bursted into tears.

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“hmmmn, well well well. My name is Chinelo, buy you can call me Chippapii. You are all welcomed here. You’ll meet other colleagues of yours inside, they will explain your roles differently to you. Let me sound a warning to you, cooperate with us and live, but if you don’t…. You die! ”

He introduced the other guys to us and they put out the light, and then went out locking us inside the dark room.

I then remembered how my father was killed in cold blood before i ran out when i was only 9 years old.

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