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Morounmubo (In Her Agony)- Season 1 – Episode 20 [Completed]


I passed out as i finally stopped breathing, tears filled my eyes as i looked damn helpless and one could feel the sorrow mood in the atmosphere, Peter was simply crying like a little baby as she shakes my body back and forth wishing i could just stand up and tell everyone its a prank, (But No Peter!!, this isn’t a joke at all, Morounmubo is dying and loosing it already), i was carried by the security officers and with the assistance of the students around as they called on the ambulance and headed towards the hospital even without caring if i would survive this or not, surely my purple Pinafore was soaked in cold blood. Peter phone called the so called police officers his Dad appointed to safe guide us and inform them that the deed had been done so they better act fast and rescue the situation. We got to the hospital and i was rushed to the theater by the nurses around, many medical attempts were taken to resuscitate me back to life (Oxygen was fixed, ribs were been operated after they discovered that was where i was shot, so they succeeded in taking out the bullet), but still Morounmubo wouldn’t shake at all, i just lay like a dead meat and no one could even help control the tears in Abimbola’s eyes as she was just crying like a little baby, rolling on the ground and appealing to me not to leave her alone in this miserable world we’ve found ourselves, of course i promised to stand by her, walk the journey with her and be her comforter, but now its all a different phase entirely because i doubt if i would ever be able to do those things anymore, I’m in the middle of living and dieing as the doctors confirmed I’m in COMA. Peter was also deeply soaked in tears and sorrow, he couldn’t help take off the memory we had, assuming the bullet hit my arm or at the hand, it would have been better, who knows if I’m ever going to survive this, he couldn’t help imagine that i took my life to save his life, he explained all of these to his friends who also heard about the incident and have come to the hospital to try console him and Abimbola.
With the help of all the information gathered by the police officers, they stormed the hostel of Lucy Mama and luckily for them, she and the other members of the fraternity were in the room putting blames on each other for shooting a victim publicly, the police officers stormed the room and were so fast to shoot first before been shot by the ladies, Lucy Mama got shot at the arm when she wanted to prove tough, and they arrested everyone of them, led them to the police van and took all of them to the police station. The whole campus seemed to be in great pandemic as the incident became the talk of the evening, even series of false rumors were passed by the students concerning the incident and one way or the other Halimat heard about it, she phone call Peter and he had no choice but to describe the location of the hospital after she pestered him so much, within an hour Halimat had already gotten to the hospital but just like every other people, no one could enter into the theater to see me as the doctors and nurses were still running helter skelter to save me back to life.
I wasn’t so sure if its either a dream or it was simply a trance (I really can’t phantom it), but i know i found myself lost in an unfamiliar place, this is a place I’ve never heard of or get to before, it was more like a dead zone because it was damn silent and i wasn’t able to see anyone passing by to tell me where the hell i am or how can i go back to where I’m coming from, i walked on a little bit before getting to see some people that looks very much like some people i know too very well, (Of course my eyes can’t be deceiving me!!!), these people looks so very much like my parents (Baba Morounmubo and Mama Morounmubo!!), i moved closed to them and ALAS!!, it was certainly them, but i was stunned to see them weeping profusely, (You should be happy to see me, why are you both crying??, more over i wasn’t even expecting to ever see them together, sitting side by side due to the hatred and bitter minds they had for one another during their lifetime, it was my father’s hatred and maltreatment that sent my mother to an early grave which everyone knows about it, so even in the death, i expected them to still carry on with the hatred but I’m so shocked seeing them seated next to each other but more astonished now seeing them weeping profusely as they saw me coming), i couldn’t believe my ears when they called me a Failure, a disappointment because i never waited to fulfill my purpose in life, i ruined it all at the slightest point of climbing through to success and comfort I’ve always craved for, (Of course it was never my fault, i just couldn’t hold on anymore, i couldn’t bear the pains, the agony, the sorrowful challenges life keeps throwing at me, i just couldn’t take it anymore because it never seemed to me like it will be fine very soon, i kept on jumping from one agony to another over and over again, so i had to give up). My mother told me the whole agony i went through, starting from the maltreatment she, myself and my little sister faced in the hands of my father were all blessings in disguise, the harassment i went through in the hands of my Uncle who seemed like a benefactor to other people but gets sex in repay of his good deeds was to make me more stronger and courageous enough to fight for other people who might seem to be in that position later on in future, i could have tried all my best to settle for the initiation into the secret cult i was into which finally disrupt my life completely, truly it wasn’t my intention to join them, but it could have been my decision to quickly source for avenue to get out of their shell, rather than been carried away by the sweet promises they made to me, and dine with the devil when i know i don’t even had the courage to look him in the eyes. All the agonies I’ve been through were preparing me ahead for the blessings coming through, my real helper was already around me but i never discovered that, i never carried God along in my journey, i never trusted in prayers like i trusted in telling my close friend my secrets, i could have cried out to my creator but i never even asked for a dime, i simply felt he knows what i want and he will grant them for me, and now I’ve failed my purpose in life, my soul will never know a single rest because the destines attached to mine will keep crying on my shoulder as I’ve failed them as well, because if i had made it to success, many other souls will make success out of my success because many destinies are attached to my destiny, if i make it, they make it, and now that I’ve failed, they’ve failed as well. I begin to cry and beg for a second chance only if God can just give me this last one, i will surely make amendment, my parent assured me on appealing to the Almighty God on my behalf for a second chance so i can fulfill purpose in life but it was still written in their expressions that they feel very disappointed in me.
Despite all the medical attention and all the doctor’s efforts, Uncle Benson didn’t survive the accident as he died that same evening, (Truly God never sleeps or slumber, and he’s not an hypocrite, he simply knows how to deal with everyone according to their deeds, who knows if Uncle Benson had to give up the ghost so i can get back to life but it was a thing of sorrow for Bola who will now seem very lonely after her father’s demise). For good 4 to 5 hours, the doctors and nurses were still running around to save my life, even some were already fed up and had concluded that I’ve given up the ghost based on the series of blood I’ve lost before been brought to the hospital, they had decided to pack me up and simply tell my friends that Morounmubo has given up the ghost because with all the medical reports they have at hand, i wasn’t responding to treatment at all but a sudden miracle occurred when i suddenly woke up back to life, (Oh my God!! Thanks to the Almighty), happiness filled the atmosphere as the nurses saw my fingers flipping one after the other, they called on the doctor and quickly gave me the needful medical treatment at that instance and they revealed to Peter, his friends, Abimbola and everyone present in the hospital that I’ve woken up back to life, stitches were fixed and i was allowed to have a long rest so as to regain some strength i lost due to the loss of blood. I was so excited to see Abimbola as she ran into my arms hugging me tightly with tears in her eyes, Peter was excited and so as his friends too but i got astonished to see Halimat who was standing and smiling to me, she apologized for her wrongful deeds, the whole drama and her inability to realize the reality of life, she revealed her regrets in breaking the bond of friendship between us, things couldn’t have fallen apart if we still live together, but i had no option but to forgive her, she even revealed the same Rahman she’d been ignoring and condemning is her supposed boyfriend right now and i was happy to hear that, (Halimat!! I really missed her so much) i hugged her in much of emotions and i was grateful my agony didn’t kill me, rather i survived it all. Uncle Benson was buried in a serene cemetery and as soon as i was discharged from the hospital i went to pay my tribute as well and i consoled Bola the best way i could.
Peter assured me his father would sponsor the rest of my education and my little sister (Abimbola) would also sit for her Jamb exams and further into the University as well, i was so happy and very grateful for this great help rendered by Peter, i was thankful he didn’t give up on the love he had for me even during the times i tried hard to wave him off, now i believed whatever is meant to yours will never be for another person even in a million years to come.
Morounmubo!, why don’t you write out all these agony you’ve been through maybe it could just be a source of inspiration to another person out there, that was Peter’s advise to me as we finally decided to work on writing on my life challenges starting from when i was born till this very moment as we titled it “Morounmubo(In her Agony)”, and the book was published so as to serve as an inspiration and a motivation to everyone out there that its not all storms that comes to disrupt our lives, some comes to clear our path towards the success ahead. After all my agony, thanks to my creator and thanks to the love of my life “Peter”, we finally graduated from the University 2 and half years later and i became pretty much successful in my writing career and i was accord with the honor of not just been an inspirational writer alone, but a successful writer as well.

Thanks For Reading on till the End!!

Written by : Omokayode Godwin Daniel

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