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Morounmubo (In Her Agony)- Season 1 – Episode 19


Peter was still standing looking so dumbfounded as he asked me “Morounmubo!, what the hell is going on here, why are you dressed in this manner, why are your hands soaked in blood, what’s wrong?”, i burst into more tears as i couldn’t tell any lies any longer, i opened up to him that i was initiated into a cult fraternity and a whole lot has really happened since a week ago, series of lives have been taken in my presence and unfortunately for me i just took two lives with my own hands, Peter screamed out loud after i revealed i just killed two people, but i revealed to him that i caught Lucy Mama in the act of taking a lecturer’s life and she was scared i could reveal the secret so if i was initiated by all means, that would make me keep mute because i would be just like her. He revealed he was totally disappointed in me and i was much more ashamed of myself, he told me i need to back off from the fraternity but i remembered Mama’s warnings the other day (If you step into the fraternity, there’s no going back, the moment you think of stepping out, you accept your death at all cost). I got scared because i don’t want to die and the same time i don’t want to be involved in this bloody shit any longer, Peter made me realize there’s no better benefit in been a cultist, even if I’m scared of backing out, sooner or later i will be killed too just as I’ve killed other souls. Peter threatened to end the relationship with me if i don’t back out of the fraternity because he can’t imagine himself dating a cultist and a murderer, i couldn’t just let go of the relationship between me and Peter so i promised him i would back off from the fraternity at all cost, i plead him to stand by me, i know what’s at stake if i back off suddenly from the fraternity but i can’t jeopardize the love affair between myself and Peter. After avoiding Lucy Mama and the other gang, i declared it to Mama that I’m out of the fraternity because i can’t continue to live in guilt, with blood on my neck, taking souls i can’t create with my hands, dining with the devil and doing mischievous things, but she simply laughed out loud and assumed i was simply joking.
I was confronted by Lucy Mama and some other members in the school premises as she threatened to take my life if i refuse to keep sacrificing my time to the fraternity, she threatened to make me loose my life, even people dear to me if i don’t get my senses back to my head and realize I’m in for it completely and there’s no going back, she revealed I’ve simply sold my soul to the devil and the devil had paid the price to take my life, i became very terrified with all the threats i received as i rushed to Peter’s hostel to let him know what i just encountered and he tried all his best to calm me and assured me protection to every length he can afford.
Abimbola (My younger sister) had the chance to travel to Lagos with her Boss Madam to buy some goods and assist her to carry them back to Oshogbo because the stocks are going to be very much compared to the ones she normally come buy all by herself, but something very strange happened. Abimbola got to the market with her Boss but ran away getting lost into the crowd and was just heading towards an unknown destination, the next thing i discovered was when i received her phone call to tell me she’s abscond from the hands of her boss Madam while at the market in Lagos and she needs to know my location so she can come meet me atleast to be free from the slavery she’s into, the sexual harassment she goes through in the hands of her Boss’ son and the annoying part of no one ready to believe her even when she cries out accusing Adewale of raping her so she thought of running away when she realized she will be coming alongside with her Boss to Lagos, and now i need to just come pick her up from where she is to my location so we can be together, i told her to ask pedestrians passing by to tell her the location she’s at so it will seem easy for me to come pick her up, i summoned on Peter and we went to pick her up at Idumota, tears filled my eyes as i hugged her tight when we finally met ourselves, Peter called on a cab and we headed back to the campus, Abimbola and i live in my hostel and we survived with everything we had and with the assistance from Peter as well.
It wasn’t up to a week i got a call from Bola telling me that she’s just been informed that Uncle Benson (Her Dad) was involved in a ghastly accident and has been rushed to the hospital, i was stunned and told her i will try link up with her so we can go see him, (Thanks to God, i never executed the devilish plan in my mind towards him when he called me the other time asking me to come settle him sexually as usual, so it is true there’s no one above the judgement of God!!, though i don’t wish death for him because i can’t deny the fact that he still sponsor my education but he just a real jerk for his bad deeds towards me), i was still trying to get off what just happened when i got an SMS from Lucy Mama “Hey Bitch!! You seem very stubborn and wouldn’t yield right?, that’s great okay!, but i want you to know the devil that be so merciless towards his victims and I’m happy to inform you that your death is knocking on the door already if you still refuse to yield”, i showed Peter the text and he was forced to now phone call his Father who happens to be a retired Naval officer, he told his father that there are some weird guys in the campus after his life because he refused to join cultism and he needs maximum protection, so his father sent some police men who will dress like a normal student and keep watch over Peter’s movement so as to guide him, of which he promised to always be around me so the protection can be extended to myself and Abimbola too. Days passed by and i still keep receiving tough threats from Lucy Mama in different forms (SMS, storming my room in my absence, receiving strange calls) and we forwarded all to the police officers appointed to safe guide us, and they got all the information they needed like taming Lucy Mama, get to know her hostel, her department, and other members of the fraternity information as well, then they prepare on the arrest when they will attack them in act.
This Fateful day i went to meet Peter at his department as i was feeling bored so we can atleast hang out together before the day runs out, suddenly Lucy Mama and some members of the fraternity stormed where we were sitting, other students flee for their dare lives, i was pleading for mercy because i know its already finished for me, but i was pleading for them not to hurt Peter, They were all looking very furious like they could suck out my blood at that instance, Lucy Mama brought out her matchet and looked at me furiously, i pleaded for mercy and Peter just held my hands so we can run away and get saved because he wasn’t so sure those police officers were around us (we were in the Painting studio), as we were about running, Lucy Mama brought out a pistol (Gun) behind her and pulled the trigger towards our direction, i quickly stood in front of Peter and that was how i got shot in place of Peter, they stormed out and ran off leaving me and Peter alone (as i was already soaked in blood), at the sound of the gun, some other students and securities had made their way to the department but then i was already loosing it, blood filled the purple Pinafore i was putting on, i looked at Peter who was filled with tears, sobbing and pleading me to stay with him and not give up, (i really wished i could help the situation Peter!, but i couldn’t just stand to see Lucy Mama shoot him because of me), i was filled with tears in my eyes as well, still soaked in blood, already been surrounded by other students and securities but i had lost too much of strength, i laid helplessly on the ground, held Peter’s hand so tight and passed away, (That was the last thing i remembered).

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Written by : Omokayode Godwin Daniel

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