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Morounmubo (In Her Agony)- Season 1 – Episode 18


I was still in total shock about what happened but i was been dragged by the lady as we stormed out of the office and we headed towards her hostel, she hide back her matchet and there were a whole lot of questions i was wanting to ask her like (Sorry who the hell are you?, how did you got into the office?, what transpired between you and the lecturer?, why did you smash him with the matchet at hand?, Hey!!! You just killed a human being?, where are we going to?, do you want to go kill me too?) So many questions i wanted to ask but i was silenced with fear as i couldn’t dare ask anything at all, i just followed her on and on and abide with every single instruction she gave me, my phone kept on ringing severally but i couldn’t pick up, (It was Peter calling), we got into her room looking like a dead zone, series of scary Logo everywhere and she dropped her matchet filled with blood on her shelf then told me to sit on the bed. “My name is Lucy, but my people call me Mama, i don’t take shit, and i don’t condole nonsense, I’m currently ni number 2 and the hitman of the Daughters of Jezebel fraternity, and i take away souls even without mercy!!” I was trembling with much fear after she just introduced herself to me, (a very scaring introduction indeed, at that point she told me she doesn’t feel safe with the fact that i saw her in that act, and now that I’ve got to know who she really is, she can’t just let me go on like that because i might reveal her identity to the public, so the best thing to do is to get me initiated, i wanted to tell her i won’t do anything funny but she shut me up and got me blindfolded till the night and took me somewhere unknown, drop me in the midst of some ladies who danced round, speaks in slogan and they gave me some toxic liquor to drink as they officially announce me as their new member, (I now belong to the daughters of Jezebel fraternity!!), they promised to safe guide me in and out of the school premises and to help avenge all my sorrowful past and to make me untouchable anymore. Well i felt a little bit calm because i felt i wouldn’t go through the shits i go through in the hands of men anymore, and any idiot that cross my path will pay dearly for it.
I woke up the next morning in the room of Lucy Mama who spoke a little bit about her past, how she had been molested physically, mentally and emotionally, before she got rescued by the Daughters of Jezebel and she recalled the numbers of souls she’d taken, i remembered Uncle Benson at that instance, i felt like telling them to get him assassinated but i thought about it twice, this man oays my school fees, even though his good deeds are not up to his bad deeds. Fortunately for me, he called and told me to come see him so we can have sex as usual, i felt he won’t get away with this and developed some hazard plans in my mind to be executed when next we see. The news of the lecturer’s death spread round the whole campus, police kept on investigating and Lucy assured me there was no cause for alarm, even some facts were realized as i got to know that the stupid lecturer changed some results, the results he pasted was far different from the result his co-lecturer submitted to him, he made use of that avenue to deal with his victims and sadly i was part of them too, i discovered i never failed my exams at all, but the lecturer changed my results and made me failed, all thanks to Mama who eliminated my problem. I came across those two weird looking guys that raped me some months ago, and i called on Mama to come see them, she revealed those guys were cultist but we will get them down because they won’t go scot free. Peter kept on calling severally and i was so sure he would have gone to my hostel looking for me but to no avail, ever since I’ve been initiated into the Daughters of Jezebel fraternity, i do all my things in Lucy Mama’s hostel, i even skip classes, Mama was giving me everything i wanted, the morale, the courage that i will surely pass my courses even without attending classes and no Lecturer can dare it to fail me, so i felt very relaxed and i was living a total strange life i was living before. Information about those weird guys were gathered and we got to know about their hostel and movement, and Mama chose a specific day to go revenge and attack them unnoticed, we stormed their room suddenly in the middle of the night on Friday after they went clubbing and dead drunk, they became very powerless as we out numbered them so they were just pleading for mercy, Lucy Mama handed a matchet to me and told me to pay my first sacrifice to the fraternity by smashing the two guys to death, i was terrified at first and not willing to do it because i couldn’t imagine me killing not just one but two human beings with my own hands, i was threatened to be killed if i don’t carry out the instructions on time, with fear in my mind i smashed the two guys to death as Mama inscribed on their forehead “Daughters of Jezebel”.
I got back to my hostel still feeling very terrified about what i did, had i known i should have just ignored those guys, i shouldn’t have shown them to Mama, i never knew it has gotten to the stage of me killing a human, its not my doing at all, i cried and pleaded to God for utmost forgiveness, (Morounmubo what the hell are you doing!!!), what have i gotten myself into?, of course it wasn’t my intention to join any fraternity, i was forced into it when my life was at stake, they promised me every good things but they never made me know its going to get to the level of killing a human, i was still sobbing when Peter stormed in and caught me still dressed in my fraternity dress code , my hands still soaked with blood and the matchet still on my bed, he was just standing dumbfounded, stunned and i was seated short of words as he has already caught me in the act.

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Written by : Omokayode Godwin Daniel

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