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Morounmubo (In Her Agony)- Season 1 – Episode 17


As if a new baby is been born into the world, everyone in the scenario was super excited as Peter’s friends cheered on and on after seeing me and Peter kissed each other to reaffirm our emotional relationship, Peter felt most excited to finally have me back to his hands, we all decided to go hang out in nice school restaurant so as to celebrate the fresh reunion, and we were entertained by some theatre troupes that dish out some emotional musics, cultural songs and dances and all these experience got me smiling all through in excitement. Peter revealed his weird experience when he went searching for me at Halimat’s hostel and we just laughed about it but still deep down in my heart i felt totally disappointed at Halimat, i had the opportunity to brief him more about the whole abortion issues (I actually told him i was raped by some weird guys which resulted into an unwanted pregnancy, of which its going to seem like a disappointment to not just myself alone but to my family and those who had been expecting much from me, so I’ve got no other option than to abort the shameful pregnancy), and Halimat was the only confidant i had with the believe that she’s never going to reveal the secret to anyone no matter what happens, he simply smiled and just tell me to move on because he wishes nothing but the best for me, more drinks were bought and we had a whole nice long day.
We went to Peter’s hostel after the whole fun, and i cooked for him and his friends, we all ate to our fill, played dirty with the left over food and i didn’t even noticed its night already, now I’m been persuaded to pass the night at Peter’s hostel, (Well he’s my Boy Lover,) i simply shrugged as i decided to pass the night at his room, we had some long romantic talk and i was so over joyous till something i never planned happened (We had sex!!!), at first i wasn’t really happy about it, but i felt saved when i saw the condoms he used and to be honest this was the first sex I’ve ever had with my own consent, but now i really feel scared he might dump me after the whole sex, what if it’s all a game plan?, i simply looked at him and told him “Peter!, i know you’re happy after doing this, but i want you to realize I’m not that cheap and you shouldn’t think of taking advantage of my emotions or love for you”, he promised to never leave me as he escorted me to my hostel to know where i now live.
I got to the hostel, and after Peter left back to his own hostel i received a phone call from Abimbola crying seriously as she revealed there’s a trouble looming at the moment, (Her madam son “Adewale” just raped her with the opportunity that her madam is out of town since two days ago). Oh my Goodness!!, what the hell is this!!, i felt very annoyed and i wished she could just stab that stupid boy to death, why are these young guys always desperate for sex and wouldn’t mind go silly lengths to have it, just barely two months she started working as an housemaid she got raped by a miserable guy, i tried my best to comfort her and assured her i will get her out of there as soon as possible. I went for lectures the very next day still with bitter heart though but i was confronted by Halimat who still had the filthy guts to be accusing me of snatching her boyfriend, i was so pissed off with the way she was accusing me so wrongly and shouting to call the attention of everyone around, i got so aggressive as i raised my hands to turn it into physical brawl but our course mates separated us from fighting, (How could Halimat be so tactless and unreasonable to that extent!!), i was still trying to get over the issue when we realized our last semester result had been pasted and everyone rushed with excitement to check it, i went to check mine too and i discovered i failed woefully at every courses i did (Are my eyes deceiving me?, of course this can’t be happening!!), i made my way to the exam officer which happens to be the same lecturer that has been on my issue for a long time (The stupid lecturer that wants to get down with me), and he told me i will never pass any of his exams or any other lecturer exams as long as i keep refusing to dance to his tune, i was so pissed off as i called him a BASTARD!!, and promised never to yield to his stupid threats and decided to walk out, he held me back and forcefully slam me to the chair and locked the door, he gave a very wicked laugh out loud and told me “Now its time to forcefully take what i don’t want to give out willingly”, he slapped me severally as he was already loosening his belt and trouser to get down with me, but suddenly a Lady looking very furious came out from the toilet (Didn’t even know how come she got into the office but thank goodness she’s going to save me), she was holding a sharp matchet (Cutlass) at hand as she dragged him away from and pushed him to the ground and smashed him with the matchet in her hand, the lecturer was groaning in pains as she was smashing him mercilessly, i was so shocked at what i was seeing, blood filled the whole ground as the lecturer finally give up the ghost (He died) in cold blood, the lady looked at me still very furious and intimidating, she moved close to me and the whole of my body was shaking as i was trembling in much fear that she might kill me too, she grabbed my hands and we stormed out of the office.

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Written by : Omokayode Godwin Daniel

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