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Morounmubo (In Her Agony)- Season 1 – Episode 16


Abimbola called me on phone the next morning and explained her journey into Oshogbo, how she met and was saved by madam Kofoworola, how she spent her first night in someone else’s house, and now she’s caught in between the decision to either remain an housemaid or not. Of course i felt very bittered at first because i couldn’t help imagine my only sister becoming an housemaid in another woman’s house (Very ridiculous!), but at least its going to be for the main time, its going to save her from been beheaded by the village customs, and its going to help her survive at least on her own so i felt a little bit relieved. I remembered my late parents again, only if they were alive, this wouldn’t be happening, only if my late father hadn’t been a real jerk towards my late mother and his daughters, this wouldn’t have happened, his death could even be traced to the hands of his so called concubine turned wife who wanted all the properties to herself but all thanks to fate that took her life away with it. I simply advised Abimbola not to be bittered about the sorrows of today, but to be joyful for the happiness forthcoming in future, because i had the strong believe that we will survive the whole storms of life, i promised her i would surely be successful so i can get her out of Oshogbo and get her to move with me in Lagos so she can also further her education.
Well, examination is On already and everyone seems optimistic about it especially the 100 level students, i had gone through a lot of tutorials, night readings, and prepared so much for the exams, i promised myself good grades as i tried my best to take off the bad past days behind me and focus on the better days ahead. But i kept on receiving phone calls from Peter despite all my efforts to ignore him, i had prayed hard, strive hard to kill the feelings in me but this guy will just keep resurfacing in my memory either through his phone calls, missed calls or SMS, i feel like calling him and telling him “Hey Peter, let’s quit this relationship, I’m done please!”, but i don’t even have the courage to do that, i feel i will hurt him if i do that, i know I’m misguided by the stupid act of Halimat, her efforts to break us up of which i kept my eyes very closely to be so sure of her mission (of course there will surely be a reason for her sudden strange attitudes and betrayal), but here i am growing much more feelings for Peter, its been close to two weeks I’ve tried to stay away, kill the feelings but my heart kept on longing for Peter, its obvious i truly love Peter but I’m just disgusted with the fact that he actually got it twisted immediately he realized i had an abortion, moreover i can’t even predict his mindset towards me after the whole abortion issue.
We conducted the exams successfully and i was surely seeing Halimat always in the examination hall, of course as usual we snub each other, it even became obvious to other course mates that there’s a serious conflict between us because we come to school separately and leave separately, unlike before we sit next to each other but now we sit very far from each other, even Rahman was always bittered about it because his chances of getting close to Halimat was cut short, i was the only person who could help him extend his feelings to her but now its definitely not possible because we no longer speak to each other. This very fateful day, Peter went to Halimat’s hostel to search for me after refusing to pick up his calls severally, but he got there to realize i no longer live there, and Halimat revealed she doesn’t even know or care about where the hell i now live, Lanre was also present because he accompanied Peter with the mindset that they will both appeal to me together, “I still don’t know why you’re bothering yourself over a wasteful human being!, can’t you figure it out that Morounmubo doesn’t love you?, she’s not even loyal and sincere with you, because i can’t imagine how will a young lady of that tender age go through abortion, its obvious her promiscuity act is unaccountable, why don’t you focus on me Peter, focus on the heart that loves you and not the one your heart loves, with me by your side you’ll be fine, Morounmubo has nothing good to offer you, i can guarantee you on that Peter!!”, both Peter and Lanre were so astonished to hear those words from Halimat, (Such a betrayal!!!), she was about moving closer to him as Peter made it clear to her that he’s really disappointed in what she’s doing, and all she’s saying, its now obvious she’s trying her best to break our relationship so she can get him to herself, but that will never be possible, he made it loud and clear that the very last thing he would do in his life is to fall in love with her, he called her a snake in a sheep’s skin (The worst friend no one will pray to have).
Actually, I’ve been living my life lonely, going for exams, doing things on my own, having no one to gist with, talk to except for the time i call Abimbola just to check up on her and that’s not always regular, i still want to keep avoiding Peter even though i miss him so bad, and i kept on doing just that (reject his calls, ignore his SMS and try hard not to come across him in school) till we finished the whole semester and started a new semester. I had a fresh mindset for the new semester with the mindset of not keeping any friends, Peter’s feelings still mutual in my mind as i was still struggling to get it off my mind.
A fateful day got me passing through the Theatre arts department to probably see if i will come across this Dada Boy i came in contact with some weeks ago, the guy that used my name to compose a song, i went in search of him maybe he can be of help in my interest in writing, but i got stunned and stuck as i met Peter and his friends (Oh my Goodness!!, i wasn’t expecting to see them at all), i tried to turn back and change my movement but i was held by Lanre and both Peter and his friends were all down on their kneels begging to let go of what happened between us, because Peter hasn’t been himself since we’ve not been talking, he had gone in search of me everywhere he can, but to no avail, Peter was very sobered as he was telling me he’s sorry for acting up on what he heard, but he had never given up on our love because he had promised not to just love my perfections alone but my imperfections as well, he revealed he had gone to Halimat’s hostel in search of me where he discovered that it was a deliberate act by Halimat to break us up with the secret she revealed to him, at some point he was already sobbing as i couldn’t help control the tears in my eyes as well, his friends kept on appealing to me to accept him back because he still loved me like he’d always do, i drew him close and hugged him amidst tears, and we had a deep kiss.

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