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Morounmubo (In Her Agony)- Season 1 – Episode 15


I screamed out so loud as i found it so hard to believe a human life was taken by Abimbola, of course she’s certainly in serious trouble, “What are you going to do now Abimbola?”, i asked her and she was just crying and saying she doesn’t know what to do, she’s afraid no one else should figure out what just happened because its in the custom of our village that anyone that commits murder will be taken to the shrine of OGUN and beheaded, i can’t stand to see my beloved sister and surviving family get beheaded so i summon her to run away, she should run fast as her legs can carry, she should try hard to run very far from the reach of our villagers, she looked into the house and picked some little money from the dead wife’s purse and made her way to an unknown destination. I thought of telling her to come straight down to Lagos but there’s no avenue to send her money as the little money she could get from the purse can’t take her through to Lagos but only to neighbouring states. As she was running off from the village she came across the regular village two idiots that makes stupid jests all around, they were trying to play pranks with her but they were alarmed when Abimbola slapped one of them so she can get her way out of their confrontation, i kept calling her phone to monitor her movements and be sure my sister is safe, i kept on praying for her as series of thoughts kept skimming through my mind, i couldn’t eat, i wasn’t at ease until she disclosed to me that she’s gotten to the motor park and she’s board a traveling bus going straight to Oshogbo but she got to Oshogbo very late in the night because it took the bus more than an hour before it got filled up with passengers. I felt a little bit calm after she told me she’s now in oshogbo, atleast she’s a bit far from the reach of the villagers, i only told her to find somewhere to pass the night and we will know what to do from the next morning, then i was able to eat now and i stood at the corridor of my hostel just to soliloquy as i traveled in thoughts.
I was tapped at the shoulder before i regained my consciousness, it was a tall dreaded guy smiling as he greeted me a good evening, he introduced himself but i sounded like i wasn’t interested in knowing him, he simply went to another corner, brought out a book and a pen and begin writing, later on he asked for my name and i told him, after a little while i saw this Dada Boy already singing with his guitar at hand using my name as the chorus, (To be sincere, the song was Damn lovely, i don’t think I’ve ever come across a guy good in singing as this guy, the way he inducted my name as the chorus got me stunned), i begged him to sing it again and he did, i gave him a nickname “Dada boy”, he’s a 300 level student with the discipline of Theatre arts, after the introduction we went our way. I got into my room only to see several missed calls on my phone, at first my mind was totally blown as i thought it was Abimbola’s call, but i got to realize it was Peter’s call, he even sent me an SMS telling me not to be mad at him, and i should make a way for us to meet and discuss, i simply hissed as i throw off my phone and forced myself to bed. Series of memories kept on coming through my mind, i remembered how we met, the good times we’ve had together, how tough it was for me to finally give in to him, and how crazily i was in love with him not until my miserable best friend turned everything to a nightmare, i cried and force myself to bed.
Abimbola had a hell of a night as she kept on trembling in fear searching for a spot to pass the night, she discovered a mini closed shop and decided to pass the night there then a woman passed by and inform her its totally dangerous for her to pass the night at that spot, she could end up been used for an atonement the community priest needs for the “ORO ritual” that will be carried out in the middle of the night, the woman asked Abimbola where she was coming from and she had to cover up with lies that she just escaped from the hands of her step mother that wanted to kill her, so she ran all the way from Ibadan to an unknown destination, so the woman decided to help her pass the night in her house as they made their way to her house. The woman was a business woman who trades clothes, jewelries, and other accessories, she travels to Lagos to buy her goods in cheaper rate then comes back to oshogbo to sell them in retail. They got to her house and the woman introduced Abimbola to her only son (Adewale) who is currently a 200 level student in the Obafemi Awolowo University, and reveals Abimbola will be sleeping over for the night and that was how she got saved for the night.
The next morning got Abimbola looking confused as the woman made her thoughts revealed that she’s in need of a house maid, and if Abimbola can stay as an housemaid she would surely be earning her monthly salary, atleast to survive, after thinking about it for a while, she accepted to become an housemaid and that was how Abimbola became an housemaid in the house of Madam Kofoworola in Oshogbo.

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Written by : Omokayode Godwin Daniel

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