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More Than A Friend – Season 1 – Episode 3

Deborah and I were done eating, like two hours after the bell was jingled, the school was not that crowded, the principal advised us on how to choose the department that would fit us, and

******fast forward******.

The 3rd day, we were already in different classrooms, I was happy to be in the same department with most of my friends, (David, Saheed, Quazeem, Kayode, Felix, etc). We were new to some subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, and few others. The first class we had was Chemistry class, taken by Mr Ajibode which was just an introduction to the subject (Chemistry), the man appeared nice and friendly to us but what I noticed was that he sounded strict at the same time. After the Chemistry class which I listened very attentively so as not to miss anything, I started thinking about how I was going to adapt;
“Hmmmmmmm I need to be very serious indeed, and how do I cope and maintain my brilliancy with these new subjects? I pray it’s not as difficult as I’m thinking, thank God they won’t even show our positions, but upon that I still need to amaze my sister…” I was still in thought on my seat (the first seat at the middle roll in Science Class).

Three students walked into the class, Kayode who joined us from JS3 ran to meet them grinning, Kayode was a lousy and ‘semi-smart’ boy (don’t mind my description, that’s exactly who he was), the three students were two females and a male, they were shown where to sit, the two females (Bukola and Damilola) sat on the same seat while the 3rd one (Joel) chose to sit among Kayode, Saheed and other close friends to them, I was just looking like one cool boy, observing the new students, all I could notice within few minutes was that Joel increased the noise standard in the class very fast and conveniently, the boy supposed to have got award for noise maker. Bukola could laugh to even the most dry joke on earth while Damilola was kind of cool but I concluded in me that she was still pretending.

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I was about to stand up to go and meet Deborah and her friends on their seats for the necessary ‘gossips’ concerning the new students when I heard Taiwo’s voice abusing Kayode, I looked back; “These ones again! They no dey tire? From JS3, Haba! Kayode is too stubborn self, and Taiwo too won’t ignore small thing. Awon ode (the fools)” I commented, not too audible. I stood up and approached Deborah’s seat, they’d always be in group, (Deborah, Salamot, Roliat, Mistura, Sitirat, Mary and Rachael), as they saw me coming they were like suspending what they were discussing because they knew I had got one interesting gist (amebo) for them, all of them were smiling, I greeted them and touched Deborah’s cheek, then rested on their desk with my elbows:

“Errmmmm… have you guys seen the new ladies who recently joined us?” I asked smiling.

“Like I’ve known! I said it!” Mary responded and hit the desk before her, others cleared their throats and about three of them including Deborah chorused; “Henry! are you sure you’re a male?” I just laughed and turned round on the same spot;

“I knew that’s what he was coming to discuss, amebo!” Rachael said which I ignored.

“I hope they are singles and not spoilt like… like… like you guys” I said and ran away when Salamot wanted to hit my shoulder.

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David was in commercial class with other friends (Akeem and Azeez) causing noise and creating problems for the whole class, David could be too troublesome, I was kind of missing his troubles that was when I noticed his absence, “who can have textbooks ooooooo” I thought for a while and stood up, I went to Taiwo’s seat;
“Hello Taye” I uttered.
“Oh, Henry, what’s up jare?” She responded trying to change mood when she realized I was the one.

“I’m fine. You and Kayode again this session” I commented and laughed not too broad.

“See me o Henry, I don’t know the guy’s problem, he has been abusing my parents for no reason since, can you imagine that” She let out aggressively.

“I actually heard your conversation, that was very bad of him, but you too, you’re too stingy, since JS3, you should have given him what he wants.” I joked then gave a lusty wink. She laughed then continued;
“You’re not serious, what’s the stupid thing he wants? Don’t worry, I think he wants suspension because by the time I report to the principal, he’ll realise that dead body stinks more than faeces.” She responded with fake frown..

“Ah! Pity him o, just try and learn how to ignore him, he’ll start to doubt if he truly exists.” I pleaded on Kayode’s behalf then continued with my mission on her seat;
“Anyway, errrmmmm…” I stammered for a while; “I’ve even forgotten why I came here, shift let me sit please.” She shifted a bit as I sat; “OK, did you bring any Chemistry textbook? ” I asked knowing fully well that she brought.

[B] “Let me check my bag.” She responded and proceeded to check her bag. As she opened bag;

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“Chai!!! See textbooks! It’s good to be omo-baba-olowo (the child of rich man), anyway, I go buy my own too, na time” I said in my mind. She brought out a brand new New-School Chemistry textbook and gave it to me;
“Ensure it doesn’t get torn please” she warned while I responded jokingly; “It won’t tear that much”.

Off to my seat. I was busy checking the pictures and the graphics on the textbook pages, I saw the Ewekoro cement factory, some beautiful pictures of the space, and towards ending was a picture of the first man in the moon (Neil Armstrong), I was still wondering how I would get the IUPAC nomenclature of those chemical compounds when they jingled the bell for long break.

I closed the text book using two fingers to demarcate the page I was as I was watching the surprising and rough manners by which students were exiting the classroom, some jumped the window like Jachie Chan, some ran and slid out with their sandals making annoying sounds on the floor, some, including David, walked on the whole desks before going out excluding my desk and Joe’s desk, they knew that Joe would not talk but he may kill you if you step on his toe, the class was remaining like ten students, I wanted to continue checking my dear Chemistry textbook when I saw Deborah walking towards my seat with her smiling face as usual;
“Wow! It seems this girl gets more beautiful every five minutes. She no go kill person with smile self” I commented in my mind as I was smiling innocently as well.

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