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Mixed Reactions As Neo Replies Laycon After Laycon Asked Him If He Is Mathematics Or English

Laycon has been trending since yesterday after he was made a chief. Chief Laycon Akejewe of Ipokia kingdom was the winner of the fifth season of the Big Brother Naija show which aired last year. Laycon got a lot of congratulatory messages from a lot of people and Neo Akpofure was one of those who congratulated him.

Neo asked Chief Laycon if he has anything for him as he is a loyal subject. Laycon was very funny and decided to go with the playful banter and he then asked Neo which subject he was.

Remember, the term ‘subject’ can be a course which you learn in school mostly elementary and secondary school or servants of a king who submit totally to their ruler. Laycon’s reply was sarcastic as he asked if Neo was mathematics subject or literature in English. Later on, Neo replied Laycon and said he was Government.

A screenshot of Neo and Laycon’s conversation is displayed below.

There were lots of reactions as some suggested that Neo would have said History considering the fact that while he was in the Big Brother house he did tell a lot of history especially about his background.

Mixed reactions are displayed below.

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