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Mistress Bitch – Season 1 Episode 8 [Completed]

“What was that?” He said behind her. Mimi stopped in her tracks and turned slowly placing an acid smile on her face.

“What was what, daddy?” She said

“Did you not see our guests of honour at the door?” he said his voice, low, deadly. How it tended to be when he wanted to make threats.

“Ahn ahn, daddy, they’re your guests not mine now. And it seemed like you guys were having a moment. Didn’t want to disturb you” She said sweetly. Chief Obiechina heaved a deep sigh and just grunted then turned away without another word. He turned back then and stared at her with murder in his eyes.


“You will behave yourself tonight, do you hear me? I have important people coming here today and you will NOT act in a manner that is untoward. Am I clear?!” Mimi stared back at him, unperturbed but not wanting to raise his hairs right then with her indifference.



“Crystal” she responded then turned away before he could say another word. She fumed silently within and went straight at the decanter filled with bottles of spirits. She tossed back two shots of whisky and then took a deep breath.


She felt his eyes on her, when she turned he WAS looking at her. Her attention was quickly grabbed by two noisy people whose sole purpose in life was to get on her very last nerve – her two best friends since she was born – Jabita and Darasimi Alade-Cole.


“Babe! You could have told us you guys were throwing a party na” Dara said hugging her friend who hugged her back tightly.


“You know she would never do that, she just expects us to hear the music all the way from Ajah” Jabita, Darasimi’s twin brother joked as he hugged Mimi full on. Mimi looked at her friends then, frowning slightly at the hairstyle Darasimi had chosen this time – a golden blonde bob – saving that topic for later.


“How na? you guys know me and parties are like this” Mimi said demonstrating with her arms wide apart. Her eyes shifted to the movements by the entrance of the dining area, she could hear his deep baritone even over the din of chatter in the room, she watched his lips stretch in a smile as he began to laugh over something her sister murmured in his ear.


She had never envied her sister so much in her entire life like she did at this very moment. He had been hers first, she didn’t care that they were engaged, knowing her sister and her “goody two shoes” facade she would have insisted that they “keep themselves” till the wedding which was shockingly very soon.


She could not understand the rush and as angry as she was at everyone and at the universe for giving her sister everything and her just bright gray eyes, there was no mistaking the deep attraction she had for this man. This man that belonged to her sister.


“That is one fine chunk of meat!” Darasimi said tossing chin-chin in her mouth and crunching it loudly. For all the money that Dara’s family had, she had not one iota of decorum and she didn’t care. Half the time she did it on purpose to get on people’s nerves.


Her parents had given up on ever getting her to be the proper society lady that she was groomed to be. Jabita however the world was impressed with – stylish, handsome, brilliant and a gentleman to boot!



His mother had done all she could to hook he and Mimi up but the two of them were disgusted by it as they were more like siblings than anything else and Mimi saw him as the brother she never had.


Mimi ignored Dara’s crass statement and watched as her loud Aunt Becky, her mother’s sister walked into the room. Her unmarried aunt was usually the life of the party and she was literally the only one in the house that Mimi truly loved and cared for. Despite her gossip and busybody nature. Today she had dressed in a beautiful white short gown and red heels and her make up had been perfectly done.


She looked amazing and Mimi was sure she had gist to go with that look. There was an uproar of laughter when she said something to the group that gathered at the entrance. Her father as usual was not amused.


“Killjoy” Mimi murmured to herself


“ehn?” Dara said mid munch, and Mimi shook her head.


The guests and the host family members were gathered around the table when someone walked in with what looked like a dozen bodyguards. Chisonari frowned and Mimi looked disinterested as usual. But Chief Obiechina and the other guests knew exactly who he was. Chief Obiechina stood up and motioned him to the chair that had been reserved for him.


Odumegwu sat down slowly, dismissed his guards and took out his personal flask from deep within his suit pocket – he took a mighty swig and when he was done his eyes settled on the reason he came.


Adewale could not stop staring at her, taking discreet looks. He hoped he wasn’t being obvious. He had to talk to her, somehow. How could he have been so stupid, reckless?! He had been so mesmerized by her that he hadn’t stopped to look at her properly, now that he did, he could see the telling resemblance between she and her sister.


But she was beautiful! Her eyes weren’t the only captivating thing about her, the delicateness about her, how she held her fork, the soft way she spoke. He had strained his ears to hear a little of what she and the handsome man beside her whispered to each other. Who was the guy and why were his lips so close to her ear? A type of possessiveness he’d never known came over him at that moment.



But he was glued to his seat, content in just watching her movements. Wanting so badly to reenact that night they had met, but in some place more comfortable. He wanted to do so many things to her and for her that he could not even explain.


Some guests had finished with their food and were having their dishes cleared. He watched as she looked to her father at the head of the table and saw the discreet nod he gave her, she and another girl who looked just like her stood up from the table then and disappeared. Soon after the handsome dude followed.


He ground his teeth together in frustration barely hearing what his ‘Fiance’ was saying to him.

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