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Mistress Bitch – Season 1 Episode 7

“You know if your father should catch you with your leg on his chair like that o ga amapu gi ula (he will slap you). Lolo said, arms akimbo now.

Mmesoma rolled her eyes at her mother’s inability to finish a sentence without adding Igbo to it. she didn’t get up though, she closed her eyes and pretended not to hear until she felt the shadow over her.

“Mimi, what is the problem with you? Onwe? (anything)” Mmesoma contemplated this question. As mad as she was she knew her mother was not the best person to rant on. She brushed most things off that didn’t seem important to her and she knew that she would freak out if she heard



“Your father always knows what he is doing. Oma ihe!” from her again. She would stew in silence for the umpteenth time and then she would plan, they all deserved to be dealt with. Her dad especially, or does he think his secret is safe? Exposing him to her mum would do nothing she knew.


“Mummy, I am fine. Can I just get some rest please?” Mimi sighed impatiently as the doorbell rang signaling the arrival of the first set of guests. Her mum huffed again and left her alone. She shut her eyes tighter hoping that when she opened them she would be somewhere else – somewhere where she could be alone with him, basking in the heat of the sun on her chocolate skin, having him lick her from head to toe slowly.


Her pussy throbbed then and she suppressed a serious urge to move her hand into her pants, that would require her lifting her dress and if anyone were to walk in…


Chisonari pouted her lips in the mirror as she looked at her reflection. Making sure things looked as good as they usually did. Normally she would have had her makeup artist do her a solid makeover but her father had said the dinner was for a small group of people. There were better things she wanted to use her Sunday afternoon for – she had been thinking of taking Femi up on that offer he made some time ago.


She looked down at her round perky breasts and taut nipples, just the thought of what that tongue of his could do or what Johnson was able to do with his fingers and tongue at the same time had her nipples hardening. Damn her father though! For the past two weeks she had no free time, having followed his orders to go everywhere with that daft rich boy he was forcing her to marry.



He wanted the two of them to be seen everywhere together, why, she had no idea. But she would be the darling he thought she was, that everyone thought she was until that company was hers to run. Till then, she didn’t mind being some rich kid’s wife as long as he cooperated with her then everything would be just fine.


There was a soft knock at her door then, jolting her out of her reverie. She straightened her face.


“Yes please?” she said sweetly. From the other side of the door the caller whispered.


“Chief and Lolo are asking you to come down. The guests are arriving” Came the soft voice. Chisonari rolled her eyes, stood up and straightened up perking her delectable breasts higher longing for them to be touched. She smiled at her reflection and satisfaction and walked over to the door and yanked it open to join whoever it was outside.


She looked sweetly down at the maid that seemed like she was cowering underneath her stare when all she wanted to do was show her disgust for the sniveling weakling.


“What is the matter Ebele?” she said to the maid, the girl said nothing in response but sped away instead, missing the ‘mstcheeeeeww’ that followed after her.


Chief Obiechina swirled his brandy in his glass as he watched everything around him, his wife had followed his instructions to the ‘T’. He smiled in satisfaction watching as the maids bustled about with last minute touches. The guests of honour would arrive soon and the sooner the better. He couldn’t wait to see her, he also had to get this deal underway for the sake of his beloved.


He had to protect her at all cost, it was all his fault he mused as he sipped again, but the plan was foolproof and he was here to ensure that it remained that way.


Mmesoma straightened her back as she walked down the stairs. Her father was always particular about their posture and decorum, so what if she slouched? But she would never hear the end of it if she was caught doing so. She walked down as slowly as possible wishing this day would end and when she saw the newest arrivals she froze. There he was! Looking dapper in a three-piece suit, and that smile!



Goosebumps appeared on her skin and she felt her pussy throb painfully at the mere aura of him, as if he sensed her too, he looked up just then and their eyes met and the laughter died immediately! He quickly looked away and turned slightly so as to avoid her gaze. She frowned at this and her anger built up again.


How fucking dare he?! She thought


She walked down the remaining steps and walked passed the people standing with her parents and sister by the door. Her father did not miss this act, quickly he disengaged himself from the throng and followed after his daughter.

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