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Mistress Bitch – Season 1 Episode 6

Mmesoma was angry, she was very angry. So angry in fact that she wanted to march into her father’s study and demand answers but she knew what she would find there, just more coldness – enough to chill her bones.

She lay supine on her favourite couch in one of the living rooms, her mind far far away and her pussy rioting, throbbing with need. In her head she wanted him, her whole being wanted him, craved him, but he belonged to her sister. Why hadn’t anyone told her? why had they let her make a fool of herself.


She recounted that night her dad proudly made that wretched announcement, how she wanted to disappear into the ground especially when he saw the way he looked into her sister’s eyes. God, she hated the both of them! She hated her damn father for being so cruel to her and her Mother for not warning her. She supposed she couldn’t blame her mother too much as she had no voice where her husband was concerned. She pitied her instead – what a waste of an existence! She constantly thought.



She was thankful for the quiet and serenity of the living room where she laid, so that she could gather her thoughts and remember all that her father had said. They were to act like one big happy family and support her Sister in this charade. Did she love him and more importantly, did he love her? she closed her eyes and his image filled her senses.


She squeezed her eyes tightly shut but could not get his image out of her mind, how he looked in that form fitting suit, the way the shirt he wore had clung to his skin, the way he hurriedly pulled his pants down and filled her ever so deliciously with his mighty, throbbing dick. The way his perfume lingered on her after they had unwillingly separated.


His eyes stayed on her from across the room, she could feel him watch her as she walked around, greeting guests and being acquainted with those she was meeting for the first time. This was boring work but her father had insisted, she wanted to leave the minute she saw the crowd but decided to stay the minute she felt his eyes upon her, those eyes, that held and captivated her from the moment she set her own eyes on them.


When she dared look at him again, he was still looking at her, undressing her with his eyes and making love to her from right across the room. she could tell he wasn’t paying attention to the person who stood by his side conversing with him, she hadn’t seen him in weeks and she hoped that he craved her touch as much as she had craved his.


She hadn’t been able to think of anything else. She watched in horror as his smile slowly changed to a sly one and he pushed away from the wall approaching her. she quickly turned and started pretending to be busy with her hands.



Her father’s watchful eye was everywhere and the last thing she needed was being caught salivating over this man.


“What say we get out of this joint and go and have some real fun” She heard his deep baritone say close to her ear. She flinched and move away slightly, goosebumps appearing on her skin. Without looking at him she whispered back


“It’s like you want to be unfortunate this guy”. He smiled that dazzling smile of his that she caught out of the corner of her eye. He was aching to touch her, did she know. Did she know how much in control he was right at that moment? Had she any inkling as to how much he had told himself he could do without one last kiss from those soft lips? he wanted to nuzzle his nose in the creak of her shoulder and inhale her scent.


“I want you” He growled in her ear and she stopped in her tracks. That was all she had needed to hear, she looked left and then right and as slowly as possible and as loud as she could so that only the two of them could hear, she said


“You know where to find me”


She hadn’t been back here since that first day and had been dreading it, she didn’t want to remember, she didn’t want to remember how she had felt when she saw him slip from her grasp.


But she wanted him and he wanted her too, she wanted to scream from the rooftops! She walked fast and with purpose so that none of her parent’s guests would stop her for something mundane and unworthy of her time and attention. It was dark in that corner, the way she wanted it. nobody had bothered to fix the fairy lights she had had them install years ago and right now she was thankful for it.



The area was quiet, and she inched closer hoping there was no one to be found in her spot. She jumped slightly when strong arms wrapped themselves around her.


“I hope you’ve missed me as much as I have missed you” He said.


She shivered then turned in his arms as his breath caressed her skin.


“What’s wrong my love? Cold?” He asked frowning and without waiting for an answer he bent down to let his warm tongue caress her skin, the crease of her neck, her earlobe, her chin. She tossed her head back and closed her eyes so she could just enjoy the feel of him.


She didn’t want to be anywhere else than in his arms but someone was making noise, a hell of a lot of noise and she was scared that they would soon be found out and ruin what was about to be another great night…


Mmesoma’s eyes flew open and she sat up and looked around. Who had dared to disturb her daydreams? She caught sight of her mother in the far corner of the room, she rolled her eyes and laid back down, willing the woman to just pretend she didn’t see her and go away, but she had no such luck.


“Our guests would be arriving soon Omalicha m, you need to stop monkeying about and help someone out” Her Lolo Ada Okafor huffed as she straightened the pillows. She straightened herself and turned staring at her second child and daughter intently. Lolo Ada Okafor was one of those Igbo women, I am sure you know what that means, she was just extra.


Flamboyant and attention seeking who wanted the best of the very best despite her short education and her sometimes crude manners. Her husband the Chief had certainly polished her up as she had been one of the most beautiful young virgins in her village then.


She had come a very long way from those days and she could only thank money and a generous husband with a large sexual appetite for it, though she had given him only three daughters (even in the culture they both were from), he still managed to come home to her and ravish her every other night.



She was thankful also for the body that she did her best to keep into shape and for her natural resilient nature. She saw herself as the force that drove her family, if it weren’t for her, her daughters would have seen a worse off predicament.

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