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Mistress Bitch – Season 1 Episode 5

She was exquisite, every feature on her face perfect and in the right proportion, those puckered lips that had been begging him to kiss them so soft. He groaned as she tightened her hold around his neck, she had moved them to a more secluded area in the large garden and he couldn’t thank her…



Adewale couldn’t believe his luck. He hadn’t come to the ball to pick up any women. He was fine with what Kitty could offer him for now, he didn’t want the stress. The women at the ball were cute enough – provided he could see their faces – but none of them compared to the damsel he held in his arms.

She was exquisite, every feature on her face perfect and in the right proportion, those puckered lips that had been begging him to kiss them so soft.


He groaned as she tightened her hold around his neck, she had moved them to a more secluded area in the large garden and he couldn’t thank her enough.



“Fuck me now” He heard her growl against his lips


“Are you sure?” He growled back, she nodded her consent and at that moment his cock rose. Straining to be free from the confines of his tight trousers. He held her at her sides and then hoisted her up and she wrapped her exposed legs around him, both of them laughing at the desperate need to be satisfied somehow.


They both forgot to undo his zipper. She laughed as she lowered her head on to his shoulder.


“I guess, I have to come down then” she said lightly, her voice slightly muffled because her mouth still rested on his shoulder.


“Don’t move, I will get it down” Adewale said, he wasn’t letting this moment pass him by. Not when he had gotten a taste of her, a feel of her no matter how short it had been. “Hold tight” he said, then he proceeded to unbuckle his trousers as fast as he could. Once his erection was free, he directed his tip towards the mouth of her pussy and clit and rubbed it slowly, arousing her again. She moaned softly and grabbed his face with one hand and pulled it up to her so that she could claim his lips.


Her moans were muffled by his lips and he was glad to have them because she screamed in his mouth when he poked himself in, he thought she wanted to stop and he was afraid but she looked down at him seeing his confused look and smiled.


“Don’t you dare take it out” She says slowly punctuating each word with a chaste kiss on his lips. Adewale smiled amidst the kisses and held on to her more firmly, he caressed her ass as his other hand pushed his cok in a bit further into her tight pussy relishing the soft sounds she made as he began to fill her, he groaned himself the further his cock went. Once he had gone as far as he wanted he began to thrust hard.


She held on to him with one hand while her other hand grabbed and held on to the bush behind us for more support. One of her breasts had spilled out of the top of her dress and slapped him mercilessly in the face he wildly thrust in and out her her but he didn’t mind at all.


“Ohhhh yessss!!” she breathed against him



“Fuck me hard!!” And fuck he did.


Adewale placed both his hands on her juicy ass and squeezed while he pushed his pulsing cock in and out of her tight hole. He could feel her tightening against him and knew she was nearing her release. He was nowhere near yet and wanted this to go on for as long as possible but he didn’t forget where they were, he had an image to protect, he had to be careful.


He didn’t know who this delectable woman was but he needed to fucking cum and get back into the ball for that big, stupid announcement.


Her pussy clamped down hard on his mighty dick and she came, warm liquid squirted to the floor in short bursts and she laughed as it did so. He smiled at this woman, she seemed like a free spirit but there was a certain edge and sadness to her that intrigued him. He pumped faster into her even though she had gone semi limp in his arms, her lips resting softly against his enjoying the feel of them.


His orgasm came and hit him hard and soon he was pulling out of her and spilling his seed on to the soft grass. He held her there in that position a minute longer wanting so badly to rip her clothes off and go again but knowing that he had to be someplace else. She kissed him again and he kissed her back, long and deep before reluctantly pulling away.


“I need to get back inside” Adewale said, her eyes looked dreamy as if she was asleep with her eyes open.


“Me too” she finally said. He helped her down from him and placed her gently on the floor. Then bent to get his trouser up to adjust himself


“What’s….” Adewale began but he was cut short


“Wale, you dey here?!” Layi’s voice called from a close distance. Wale smiled at her and turned in the direction of his friend’s voice. Wanting to shield her from prying eyes.


“Layi, how far?” Adewale said zipping up. layi’s smile widened upon seeing his friend.


“You nor kuku dey waste time” Layi said straightening Wale’s tie and shirt.


“Dem wan start” he added steering his friend away from the bush.


Mmesoma Okafor was slightly dazed, having had a riveting orgasm, she steadied herself and prepared to go back into the ball. She was sure her make up was awry but she didn’t care, no one would know where she had been. She picked up a glass if champagne from a passing waiter and stood in the crowd waiting for her Father to speak.


“So without further ado, I am happy to not only announce the successful merger of both our companies but the engagement of my beloved daughter and the firstborn of Mr Ogunniyi!”



Chief Obiechina Okafor announced proudly. Mmesoma almost spat her drink back into her glass as her sister glided up on to the stage as if she walked on air followed closely by the guy she had just fucked.


HE was Adewale Ogunniyi’s son? And HE was going to marry her sister?! She narrowed her eyes, squared her shoulders and turned, weaving her way through the crowd and out into the open air!

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