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Mistress Bitch – Season 1 Episode 4

But that would be risky and it wasn’t her father’s wrath he was afraid of, it was hers, he licked the oil off the neck of her skin enjoying the way her body shuddered against him. Mistress Bitch! [Chapter 3]


He caressed some more allowing the remnants of the oil he had poured on her before running down her skin to her tight pussy. He inserted a finger into her hole and followed it closely by two more. Her moans exciting him and making him want to bend her over and take her like she had begged.

But that would be risky and it wasn’t her father’s wrath he was afraid of, it was hers, he licked the oil off the neck of her skin enjoying the way her body shuddered against him.



Her hands were on Maria and Johnson’s heads as they sucked and tugged on her nipples with their teeth, she groaned in approval as their work made her moan all the more loudly, she moaned in his ear and he was close to boiling point. if I just entered, just a little bit he thought, but then the phone rang again.


“Don’t fucking stop” She growled at Johnson and Maria, Femi passed her the phone and she picked it up irritably.


“What?!” she answered harshly


“He wants to know what is taking you so long” Precious once again whispered into the phone. Sona heaved a huge breath and put the phone down.


“We’ve got to break this up now guys” She said regretfully wanting nothing more than to sit on Femi’s dick and watch as Johnson fuck Maria’s ass but she was a screamer and likely to attract attention so maybe it was just as well that her father wanted her at that moment.


They groaned and detached themselves from her and each other and began gathering their clothing. Sona was the fastest and was dressed in her skirt and blouse before Maria even had her uniform back on. She touched up her face and hair and went to the rack to get her jacket.



“You guys better be outta here by the time I get back oo” She said as she unlocked the door discreetly. She opened it just a bit and walked out without a backward glance, she was sure that if she turned and spied Femi’s hanging cock she would turn around and beg him to rip off her clothes and fuck her hard while the others feasted on her body.


Sona walked as fast as she could towards the far end of the hall that housed her Father’s office suite. She couldn’t wait until she was sitting in his chair and enjoying the luxurious space that he had called his own for many years.


He had fashioned a mini apartment for himself and the nights when he wouldn’t come home due to work, she knew that he had a comfortable place to rest his head at least. If he even got round to it.


She knocked softly and when she didn’t hear his usual gruff response, a frown stretched across her forehead. She pushed the door open and walked in slowly, shutting the door behind her gently. Her father sat at his desk, his head in his hands, she had never seen her dad so distraught as she did at that moment when he raised his head.


“Daddy?” She questioned. All she needed to ask him remained in that one word. He looked at her through stress filled eyes.


“I couldn’t stop it my darling baby girl. I couldn’t” he said closing his eyes


“Stop what?” Sona said, her voice switching to the business like tone people were used to hearing. Waiting to attack anyone who was responsible for her Father’s current disposition.


“You must marry him” Chief Okafor replied


“And you must do it very soon” he added. Sona was befuddled. Marry who or what??!

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