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Mistress Bitch – Season 1 Episode 3

Chisonari Okafor, first daughter to Chief Obiechina Okafor an heir to his multi million naira company was a sweet girl. At least every one thought so, loved by any and every one she met. Adored by her parents, most especially her father but what would attract you first to Chisonari was not her massive tits…


Naked skin covered in sweat rolled around the spacious room, struggling to touch each other, caress each other and moaning in deep pleasure once they did. Chisonari Okafor was having one of those days and on those types of days she needed this.

Chisonari Okafor, first daughter to Chief Obiechina Okafor an heir to his multi million naira company was a sweet girl. At least every one thought so, loved by any and every one she met. Adored by her parents, most especially her father but what would attract you first to Chisonari was not her massive tits (indeed she was her mother’s photocopy in that regard) but her intelligence, her passion for business and the smooth way with which she handled her duties. It endeared many people to her but it made men wary of her.



Chisonari was the golden girl, the favourite, the Ada and princess of the chief. She was everything you would want your first son to be, but she had secrets. Secrets too many to count. Those who loved her the most chose instead to believe that their child was capable of doing no wrong.


She sat on her desk, naked legs splayed wide and in the air, Johnson and Maria taking turns to eat her pussy. Johnson and Maria were part of her “beauty team” but in reality they were her should we say, lovers. But they were not all, there was Femi, who was the owner of the massage parlour that Chisonari favoured. He liked to make personal calls especially when Chisonari made the call – she was one of his favourite customers – she tipped generously.


Femi stood just behind her leaning over the table. His soft hands slowly massaging Sona’s breasts, this was what she enjoyed the most.


The feel of a man’s big, soft hands on her breasts, cupping, palming, pinching, tugging and pulling. She tossed her hair back against his shoulder as his fingers played mean tricks on her hard nipples.


“Daddy hasn’t called you in yet, that’s strange” Femi’s deep baritone voice announced. Sona smiled back at this, that was true. Her father liked to have a short meeting with her every morning, today was odd. It should be almost noon and no word from him.



“He’s probably stressed out” Maria chipped in raising her head to give Sona a mischievous grin. “Shey you wouldn’t mind if I ease some of that stress for him baby” she smiled, her cat like eyes narrowing as she did, laugh lines at each corner of those eyes, making her even more beautiful. Sona frowned at her request, before grabbing Maria’s head and pushing down, back against her pussy.


“You are not well at all.” Sona hissed “those lips are mine alone. I pay very good money for them, don’t be stupid” Maria smiled inwardly and returned her attention to Sona’s pink pussy, while Johnson stood up and took his place in between Maria’s open legs.


This was their thing, they each had relationships and commitments – all except Chisonari, her commitment was to the business – but they came together whenever she called, most times twice a week and sometimes the entire weekend if she was super horny. Nobody except the four of them knew about this and Chisonari did everything she could to keep it that way. She enjoyed being the apple of everyone’s eye, she enjoyed the approving looks she received and most of all she enjoyed the thrill of having to sneak around with her “beauty team” and do what they loved to do especially when she was tensed and stressed as she was now.


“I want your big, fucking cock inside of me now Femi” Sona said looking up at Femi, who was still massaging her breasts, beseechingly. He smiled down at her.


“I thought we agreed, no fucking, you know how you get when you don’t cum” Femi drawled lazily, enjoying how Sona’s breasts always felt in his hands. he looked down at her and smiled at her beautiful face and soft parted lips. wanting so badly to kiss them.


Sona didn’t allow that level of intimacy, she usually craved for her entire body to be massaged, including her pretty pink pussy, he had fantasized daily about what it would feel like to kiss her. just hold her in his arms and kiss her. he had once felt her soft lips on his dick and it had felt like heaven but he wanted more – so much more.


“My daddy may not be in by the looks of it” Sona urged


“You can just start now, I promise not to be mad if we have to stop”



Johnson got up then, bringing Maria up with him, he was the quiet one. He didn’t talk much, he just did. he was good at everything he did; pedicures, manicures, pussy eating, fucking and he enjoyed every bit of it. He was a loner whose only friends were the three standing before him, that is if he could really call Sona a friend.


He’d never hung out with her alone outside of the four of them before and he really didn’t know what she was like except that she had a lot of money and always wanted to spend it, he did know though that she was really one of the most beautiful woman he had ever met and wondered daily why she needed them to validate her when there were millions of men out there that wanted to be with her.


She seemed content with just them, especially with Femi and she paid him and the rest of them quite a bit to always be at her beck and call. He was living good and it was because she had walked in on him changing at the massage parlour one fateful day. His life hadn’t remained the same since.


He pulled Maria towards him and kissed her full on the lips before turning to Femi and Sona. “We have been here almost two hours. He might call soon” He said smiling his bright smile in Sona’s direction making her blush a little.


“Oga, you better not start what you can’t finish” He added to Femi. Sona started to make whiny noises and then her desk phone rang. Everyone went still, Sona rolled her eyes at her friends. They were supposed to be used to it by now, they were acting like her dad was standing right outside the door knocking.


“Yes Precious” Sona breathed into the phone


“Chief will see you now” Sona’s secretary, Precious almost whispered into the phone. Sona frowned, her rambunctiously noisy secretary was whispering into the phone? She was intrigued, what could be wrong? She wasn’t in the mood for anymore tension and she hoped it had nothing to do with why her father wanted to see her. she spied the clock – 1:30pm. Shit!



Sona got up from the table but her friends were not done with her yet. They surrounded her, Femi came round the table and stood behind her and Maria and Johnson closed in on her making some kind of cocoon.


Johnson took her one breast and Maria took the other while Femi from behind caressed her skin slowly just the way she liked till he found the thick hairs between her legs

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