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Mistress Bitch – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 8]

Mistress Bitch

Mistress Bitch

His best friend Adewale on the other hand was much different than his childhood friend. He was a serious-minded go-getter who lived for three things; basketball, ass, and family. He wasn’t the type to chase after money as he grew up with a lot of it but he had been groomed to be a fantastic…


“Guy, you sure sey we nor go commot here? Kitty dey perform this night and she been dey find you” Layi Adigun said.

He was Adewale Ogunniyi’s best friend. He was the joker, the party animal, the ladies man (he sure would like to think so) and the momma’s boy. He was typically the kind of man that girls and guys liked to hang out with but said girls didn’t want to end up with.

His best friend Adewale on the other hand was much different than his childhood friend. He was a serious-minded go-getter who lived for three things; basketball, ass, and family. He wasn’t the type to chase after money as he grew up with a lot of it but he had been groomed to be a fantastic businessman and a ruthless one at that.



Adewale Ogunniyi junior was the son of Adewale Ogunniyi, the CEO of a vast and growing empire who happened to be retiring and wanted his son at the helm of affairs as soon as possible. The trouble with this plan was that Adewale junior was far from interested. Since his father had frustrated all plans for him to go abroad and play basketball, he had lost interest in almost everything else.


Going to business school only to please his father and taking a sort of internship at his dad’s company to learn the ropes. He had done all that and his father had seemed satisfied till he came up with something else that had Adewale angry and uncomfortable.


“Pops said he has a big announcement to make” Adewale grunted miserably, this had Layi frowning at his friend.


“So? You go hear am later na. I want to rock yaaaaaaansh!” Layi said unashamedly, demonstrating how much he wanted to fuck somebody before sipping some more of his cognac. “Shey they strip club go wait for you abi?


“Just wait Layi abeg, soon” Adewale cajoled but his mind was drifting far away. He wasn’t supposed to divulge anything before it was officially announced. His dad had put him between a rock and a hard place again and this time he couldn’t say no, not like he could ever really say no.


“Check out that babe” He hears Layi say from somewhere in his mind. Layi nudges him to get his attention and Adewale turns his head in the direction that Layi is pointing. The “babe” in question was dressed in a beautiful black gown that accentuated her supple curves, it showed a generous amount of cleavage but not too much that it would look indecent.



She was tall and curvy slim if that was even a description and Adewale thought she was exquisite. Her face was covered in a black lace mask but there was something there that drew him in – her eyes – an ashy smoky colour. Her eyes drew him in and he couldn’t stop looking at her and he had to hold on to the table just behind him to steady himself when she turned that stare towards him as if she could feel his presence just as he had felt hers.


“She is beautiful” Adewale found himself saying, unable to take his eyes off her, her own deathly looking eyes remained on him as well till they were averted by the Host’s wife Lolo.


“You know am?” Layi said. No he didn’t but he was sure going to find out. it didn’t help that he had to stick around for this big announcement, she could slip through his fingers before he even had the chance to touch her, he felt his cock strain against his pants imagining all the wonderful things he wanted to do to that skin. That luscious, shiny skin – how did she get it so smooth? He really wanted to find out.


“Omo, I go like do am ooo. She dey on point” typical Layi. Adewale turned and irritated frown his way that made his friend laugh and almost pour his drink.


The MC climbed the stage and announced that it was time for the dance. Adewale’s mum had come up with something she thought would be fun, to pair the young, single females together with the single males, she decided on the masks and numbers that paired each man with a woman using numbers.


Adewale had rolled his eyes at her when she had excitedly told him, didn’t his father already have plans in that regard? He smiled and indulged his beautiful mum and let her live vicariously through him like she liked to do all her children.


He looked down at the card he was given at the beginning of the show – eleven – he sighed again for the third time that day deciding he might as well get it over with. Layi had been given the number three so he had gone to stand where the usher was directing him and Adewale took his place at the eleventh spot. He stood patiently wanting to be anywhere but there, possibly in the arms if his favourite stripper Kitty.



She always treated him well and knew his desires even before he said them out loud and always set out to the very best, she always knew when he just needed her hard nipples and large tits in his mouth and when he wanted to go straight to fucking without all the hassle of foreplay that was why she was generously compensated not only to do her job and to make him cum as many times as he wanted to but to keep her soft lips tightly closed. If his dad ever found out…


He looked up and came face to face with the beautiful woman he had sighted upon her entry. He couldn’t believe his luck, she had gotten him?! his mum had hinted that his pairing was already taken care of. The dance began and he moved forward eagerly, he couldn’t wait to touch her and see if she felt as soft as she looked. It didn’t help that she went rigid when he touched her, he skimmed his hands up and down her arms and she released a breath that lightly brushed his skin.

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