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Mistakenly His – Season 2 – Episode 9

🌺 Charlotte 🌺

How news travels fast, I wouldn’t rest with seeing Chelsea and I everywhere! On the TV, magazines, newspapers, even radio.

The billionaire twins have been found and now doing okay!

I felt so great to know I have a sister! It’s been a week that everything fell into place now and I can’t help but say Chelsea has been a good company!

We even went out yesterday to the mall with the same dress, hair, shoe, everything was same!

I bought most of the things and when I was about paying, I for a call from a friend so I excused myself outside!

Chelsea was left to pay! The cashier thought I was the one!

I just couldn’t help but laugh at how people kept staring at us and of course, Dad wouldn’t let us walk alone.

Thousands of guards were following us around!

I seriously hate the attention I was getting but what do I do?

” Hey sis ” Chelsea said sitting down beside me!

There are almost thirteen rooms in this mansion but we chose to stay in one together!

My sister and I! I so much love that word!

” Where did you went to?” I asked as she flung her hands over my shoulder!

One thing I like about her, she’s a free spirited person like me.

She happened to be the lousy one while I the call one!
I think that’s the only difference! Everything else is same!

” Went to Mum, I actually want to start working ”

Thank goodness! She’s gonna remove the burden from me!

We’ve all agreed Neo taking over the company but he needs someone to support him!
Not an outsider! With him being the CEO and one of us being the managing director !

That’s what Dad said! One of us must take that position! Like I have been saying, I don’t wanna work in dad’s company!

I wish to work on my own , have the experience of working under someone!

Just wanna make my money from my sweat not dad’s.

” That’s good, I am sure you have a little experience about company work already” I asked

” Yeah, I do and Neo promised to put me through ”

” Alright, it’s better that way so you won’t feel lonely when we’ve gone out ”

” Yeah thanks sis, but how about you?” She asked!

Well, I forgot! The news of Ryan’s Dad been dead was everywhere.

He happened to be our uncle, how surprising!

And I heard the company I work isn’t for their family, the owner have taken over and yeah, we have a new boss!

I just hope he didn’t give out my position to anyone else!

I put a call to Jessica, one of my co-workers yesterday and from the way she sounded he’s a strict boss!

I pray I don’t get on his black book else, my little a*s will be fired!

I missed working my a** out so much!

” I will resume by tomorrow, I need to be sure no one has taken my space! I can’t go looking for another job you know”

” Yeah, I get ”

” So?”

” So, you are gonna prepare me for my first day at work baby girl ”




🏵️ Chelsea 🏵️

I hastily rushed out of the mall, way to go Chelsea!

First impression at work is to get late! What a record!

I totally forgot I don’t have any office wear and Charlotte left already!

Her bags were just too scattered that I don’t know how to start looking for a dress to wear so I had to go shopping for some new dress this early!

Neo is gonna slau.ghter me G0sh!

I looked down at the shopping bags in my hand walking very fast to the car when I bumped into someone!

” I am really sorry, very sorry I wasn’t looking at where I was heading to ” I said as I picked the books that fell from the person’s hand but he was quick enough to pick it before me!

I raised my head to see who it was! To my surprise in was!

” Noah?” I called! Oops! I think I miss him within the few days I stopped coming to work!

The news that I impersonated Charlotte at work might have gotten to him too!

I didn’t do anything wrong by doing that right?

He stared blankly at me before his lips curved into a smile!

” Chelsea ”

Wait! Did he just call me name? is he able to know I am the one?
He can differentiate between Charlotte and I?

” How are you Chelsea?” He asked again while I shot him a confused stare!

” did you know I was the one?” I blurted and he chuckled!

This isn’t funny! Not even our parents can differentiate us! They’ve called me Charlotte more often .

” You are still putting on your favourite bracelet ”

That was when it down on me as I glanced at my hand!

I thought as much! The bracelet! He knew I impersonated Charlotte!

” Oh ” that was all I could say!

” Can I have your contact please, we could get to talk some other times. I am getting late for work” he said

And I nodded collecting his phone! I am getting late too!

I imputed my number and handed it back to him !

” Thanks Chelsea, talk to you later ” he said with a wide smile, gave me a peck and dashed away leaving me awed




🌺 Charlotte 🌺

I am very glad Ryan is no longer my boss! He do punish me for a single offense because I turned down his offer to become his girlfriend!

I can’t be with someone like him! He’s a fl!rt and can easily break my fragile heart!

What I don’t wish for myself is getting hurt from a relationship!

I settled down in my office excitedly knowing that my manager position was still intact!
I miss my office so much!

I opened my laptop beginning my work! Jessica brought some files earlier, the boss asked me to do it before ten as if he was expecting me!

And to talk of him, I don’t know him!

I asked some of my colleagues and they said he introduced himself as Mr J.A .

Well, I will get to know him soon right? I just hope he’s not a dumbass like Ryan!

The door of my office opened revealing Noah!

” Oh my goodness! Noah!” I shrieked and hugged him!

Forget I don’t love him, I like him as a person because he’s such an understanding and easy going person!

” Char, I missed you ” he said tenderly!

” I miss you too Noah, how have you been?” I asked

He shook his head smiling!

” I should be asking you that char , how have you been?” He asked staring at me!

” Been fine ”

” Naah! That’s not the story behind the scene Charlotte, I know you will tell me about it but for now the boss wants to see you in his office right away”


” The boss?” I asked

” Yeah, you don’t want him nagging at you. He love it when he’s attended to quickly ”

” He’s that strict?”

” Yes , go already ”

” Oh! Okay” I dropped the file in my hand and headed out leaving Noah.

Why did he send for me? Did he want to fire me because I haven’t been to work?

Oh God! Many thoughts ran through my mind as I fearfully knocked on his door!
Let it be something good please!

” Come in ” I heard a cold voice and I slowly entered!

I bowed avoiding his gaze!

” G… good morning sir ” I stammered!

I know I ought to be queried but it’s not my fault!

” Miss Ashton ”

My head snapped at the voice! My heel fell off my leg and I staggered!

With my heart racing a marathon, my mind quivering!

My eyes fixed on the figure before me!

No! This can’t be, I am mistaking right?

He can’t possibly be the new CEO! Maybe it’s just his look alike!

” Sit Miss Ashton ” he said with a straight face as expressionless as ever!

Okay! This isn’t a mistake or something!

” J… Jace?” …..

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