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Mistakenly His – Season 2 – Episode 14 [Completed]

Final episode.

🌺 Charlotte 🌺

” Oh goodness, stop it Jace ” I said running out of his room but he was quick enough to get h0ld of me!

G0sh! I hate been t!ckled! That’s exactly what he’s doing!
Well, I decided to pay him a visit and here we are!

He bought a new house for a sole reason of forgetting the life he used to leave and again so I can forget what he’s done to me in the past!

I mean that’s [email protected] right?
I have forgiven him long ago but still, he wouldn’t let go of the guilt!

” No! No! Don’t Jace ” I said laughing uncontrollably!

” Not until you tell me I love you ”

Huh? Just that?

” You are very s!lly did you know that? I love you Jace, over and over again ” I replied and he smiled!

He stopped tickling me pushing me to the b.ed !

” Maybe it’s time baby ” he said huskily as his mouth l!cked my bare neck!

” W..what time?” I asked nervously! Of course I know where he’s heading to!

” I have waited for a long time Char, I want you ”

He didn’t ask for permission before he began dev0uring me!

He stared at me without saying a word and slowly, placed his l!ps on mine – like that was the first time he was doing it.

Our t0ngues enta.ngled and by the time we unlocked, I was ga$ping for air.

Jace..” I called faintly as I tried to catch my breath.

He lifted my hands and made me wrap then around his shoulders.

He placed his forehead on mine as he r!pped my sh!rt 0ff, so effortlessly like it was a piece of sht

he sent his hands to my [email protected], making me sh!ver.

He released soft breaths on my face as reached for the h00k of my [email protected] and unh00ked it.

I wavered and he noticed.

“Are you ready?” He asked in a whisper and I nodded lightly.

He pulled the [email protected] 0ff and took one of my full sized [email protected]$ts into his hand, playing with it a bit.

He lowered his face there and b!t my npple.

“Ah” I gasped lightly as it gave me vibrations of shock.

“Jace….” I m0aned his name as I found myself gripping his head to my chest.

I sent my fingers into his hair and threw my head back on the wall.

He took his l!ps from my npples and looked at at me.

“Should I?” He asked with a smirk, but of course,I couldn’t reply.

He moved his hands to my wa!st.

Oh God!
I was so scared of that part.

He unz!pped my tr0user and I gulped nervously as I stared into his face while he worked with his hands.

He unz!pped it and started pulling it down and I found myself holding him tight.

All I felt was fear and nervousness

He held the tip of my [email protected] and started dragging it down as well.

As it got to my h!ps, he [email protected] it off.

I was [email protected] [email protected]

Oh God!

He kssed me tenderly and I had no idea he was unhooking his belt at that moment. I was engrossed in the kss and didn’t notice.

He only broke the kss when it’d gotten to his l.egs and my eyes widened in shock, seeing he was taking it out

I cringed and took my eyes away immediately.

“Do you want me to stop?”, he asked as he l!fted my right slowly and wrapped them around his.

He moved the tip of his dk into me again and pulled 0ut and I had no idea what he was doing, but it was hu.rting like h.ell.

He pushed the dk int0 me again.

This time around, it wasn’t just the tip and he didn’t pull out as usual.

“Hah!” I winced as he forced it into me.

“Oh my God!

With his hand on my hair, he leaned his head on my shoulder and pushed himself into me.

“Its hurting ” I cried and pierced my fingers into his shoulders.

I just needed something to clench onto.

“Please…” I whimpered.
He wasn’t he listening to me.

He dipped his hands into my wa!st and grunted a little as he finally succeeded in pushing everything into my ti.ght hu.rting pv$$y.
“Argh!” I yelped as the pa.ins drove me w!ld.

My f!ngers pierced deep into his skin as I wept.

“Please….stop” I whimpered.
It was hu.rting like .

I do prefer been stabbed than this [email protected] I am going through right now!

I felt my area expand as his size rested in me.
It was [email protected] A p.ain I have never felt before in my entire life!

Is this how sx looks like? Oh God! I feel like I am gonna pass out anytime soon.

He touched my l!ps and kssed them.

Oh God!
My l.egs were hur.ting.
My l.egs, wa!st, my hand pinned to the b.ed! Just all my body were hu.rting

He kept his hands on the bedside beside me and made a slight movement with his dk and I [email protected]

“Arghh” I lifted my head and cried out.

” J… Jace! I am hu.rting ” I cried out in [email protected]! It’s becoming so unbearable

“I’m sorry” he whispered into my ears and p0unced into me.

“Arhh” I shrieked
My right was still wrapped around him and I found it impossible bringing it down.

My wa!st was hu.rting like h.ell.

He moved his dk back and p0unced into me again and this time around, I felt the cut.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhhh” I let out a sharp [email protected] that could probably be heard if someone was around the area.

It was h.ell! – the [email protected]

I opened my mouth in shock and couldn’t close them.

My f!ngers bored de.eper into his skin

“Ahhh!!!” I cried out as I hugged him tight, trying so hard to bear the excr.uciating [email protected], but couldn’t.

I felt a cold substance running through my l.egs and I discovered it was the bl00d!

” It’s okay please! Ahh! Jace please stop ” I winced in [email protected] but I was speaking to myself since he wouldn’t listen

If I knew it will be this painful, I wouldn’t have agreed to this in the first place.


“Its gonna be all over soon. I promise”

I shut my eyes as I felt him move in my area

I felt my breath hitched, it was like I couldn’t breath anymore!

He held my wa!st and p0unced int0 me and [email protected] again.


He was [email protected] it slow and gentle.
But no matter how gentle he was, I still felt like running ma.d due to the p.ains.

I m0aned [email protected] as he dr!lled int0 me.

He suddenly stopped, but didn’t pu.ll 0ut.

Just held my hair and remained st.uck !n me.

It was so hurtful, am I not going to die after now?



🏵️ Chelsea 🏵️

I don’t know things will work out perfectly between Noah and I.

He’s such a caring guy and also loving!
Well! He asked me out and I agreed to be his girlfriend not after I told him my bad past!

He took it lightly and understood with me loving me for the new me!
He can’t judge me by my past!

I felt loved by a partner for the very first time in 24 years.

It feel so good to have a boyfriend that loves you dearly and Noah isn’t less .

I fell in love with him within this period of time I have known him .

A gentleman man, talk less, loving, smart and intelligent!

I am blessed to have someone like him! He means a lot to me! And I am glad he chose me despite all odds!

I am happy my sister and I found love! Nothing is greater than the force of love!


💥 Unknown POV 💥

Few months later…….

” Happy birthday baby ” Jace said to Charlotte and like wise Noah to Chelsea!

They turned 25 today and it seems to be a great day for their families and friends!

” Thank you ” they said simultaneously and stared at one another laughing!

Having love ones sorruonding you to celebrate you is a great thing!

Every where became quite as the voice of the party organiser was heard .

Yes! Mr and Mrs Gabriel threw a lavishing party for their daughters!

It’s surely gonna be the talk of town!

The two celebrants climbed the stage elatedly while Noah and Jace followed suit!

Jace was the first to speak up ! He turned to Charlotte and held her tiny hands into his!

” We’ve come a long way that I will never want to let you go Charlotte, you are my light and I can’t stay without you because I hate darkness ”

Everyone’s attention was focused on the four! With curious gazes !

Jace went on his knees without blinking an eye away from Charlotte’s gaze!

” I am making use of this ample opportunity to ask you Charlotte ”

” Will you be my bride?”

Charlotte’s eyes widened! She wasn’t expecting that!

The crowd was filled with a lot of awwns as people urged her to accept him.

Of course she has to, that’s what she’s been waiting for!
A day she will be referred to as Mrs Jace Adams!

” Y.. yes, I will be your bride Jace ”

The excitement Jace felt within him knew no bounds l as he inserted the ring on her finger before hugging her!

That was a cute moment!

” Okay, I guess I have to do this ” Noah said kneeling down in front of Chelsea

” You know I am a man of few words Chelsea, I might not be all you ever wanted but I will try my best to be real.”

” Will you Chelsea Gabriel marry me?”

Oh! My goodness! A dream come true for both sisters ending up with their dream men!

” Of course I will Noah, I will marry you ”


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