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Mistakenly His – Season 2 – Episode 13

🌺 Charlotte 🌺

” You love him Charlotte, admit it ” Chelsea said laughing!

Is this lady okay? Why’s she laughing?
I made my way to go again but she held me back;

I sighed in frustration, I..I need to see Jace right away!

How bad is the accident? He left here few minutes ago !

” C’mon, I just did all that to see your reaction sis. You do love Jace and I don’t know why you are stopping yourself from embracing the truth ”

” From what you said earlier, he’s not that bad not to give him a chance! I am sure he changed because of you sis, give the poor guy a chance ”

She patted my shoulder and left! Leaving me confused !

Do I really love him? God! I have never been this confused in a long time.

Despite his intimidating body, I feel much safer around him!

He’s my perfect kinda man!
Within this days, I have gotten many reasons to like him!

What do I do now?
Chelsea is experienced right? And she said I love him!

She won’t ever give me a bad idea for anything!

Maybe, I should give him a chance! Maybe it will yield something better and I hope I don’t regret it!



I woke up with the sun piercing through my window!
I picked up my phone and it was &:45am ! [email protected]!

I jumped out of the bed into the bathroom.

Chelsea has killed me! G0sh! Why didn’t she wake me up?

I am sure she’s gone to work and Mum too didn’t wake me up!

I hastily brushed my teeth and fasten my bath!

Two minutes was an understatement! I was out before you know it!

I quickly dried my body, scattered our closet and picked some random dress, wore it , combed my hair!

I didn’t care to rub a cream or apply some makeup!
I am damn late ! I mean freaking late!

How the he do I explain this? Chelsea purposely not wake me up?

I picked up my phone and hand bag heading downstairs with my car keys !

Oh my! I forgot my car broke down! What do I do?
Maybe I will just take a cab! I will call my mechanic to fixed the car later!

” Baby ” Dad said as he sighted me !

” Good morning mum and dad ” I greeted rushing out!

” Aren’t you going to take your breakfast?” Mum asked

I shook my head!

” No Mum, I will just grab some lunch at the office! I am late already , take care of dad mum ”

I passed them a flying kss and dashed out like a [email protected] person!

Luckily for me, I saw a cab as I came out!

” Where to ma’am?” He asked

” Nee and Co ” I replied he nodded and began driving!

After about thirty minutes, we arrived at the building!

You are wondering why we came very fast? Well! I urged him to drive speedily!

I payed the cab man silently praying not to be seen by Jace!

His words yesterday played in my head like a music!

” I hate tardiness, do not come late to the office ”

That was his words to me !
By now, it was 9:15am ! Coming to work almost ten! G0sh!

As you know, I don’t have friends here except Noah and I guess he’s in his office so that made it easier for me to get to the elevator as possible as my legs could carry me!

I pressed the elevator and in no time, it began moving to my floor!

My hands were sweaty! God please, let him not notice my absent!

But am I kidding? He will definitely know!
I had to submit a file to him by 8am and I haven’t !

I got to my office, dropped my bag, searched for the file, looked through it to make sure there was no error and I dashed to his office!

Lord! I feel so nervous and scared! I know he will be very mad at me!

I gently knocked on his door and I heard a faint ‘ come in ‘

I opened the door to see him busy with his laptop!

Okay! I need to calm down! He glanced at me and fixed his gaze back to his work!

” G… good morning Sir ” I stuttered! We are at work right?

He stared at me for a while then back to his laptop!
He closed it giving me his full attention!

” What does the time says Charlotte?” He asked clasping his hands together.

I know I am late! And he did noticed! G0sh! What’s my excuse now?

” I asked you a question Miss ”

I quickly glanced at my phone and it was 9:20am .

” 9:20am …. Sir ”

” I clearly stated I hate tardiness to you yesterday right? ” He asked and I nodded nervously.

G0sh! He’s so strict sometimes! Like he isn’t smiling!

” And you still came late?”

” I… sorry Sir, I…I…I…”

” It’s fine! You didn’t wake on time ” he cuts in and I nodded!

” Do not come to the office late again Charlotte Please ” he pleaded and I sighed!

Thank goodness he isn’t mad at me!

” T..thank you s…”

” Jace ”

He stood up and before I knew it, he was already standing in front of me with his arms folded around him!

My heart skipped as he took a step forward! The close proximity is something else!

It’s making me nervous!

” Hey did I scare you?” He asked .

Well! He did, he’s just too serious sometimes! Anyone else will be very scared of seeing his anger!

I have seen and I don’t want that to ever occur again! It’s terrible!

” I am sorry okay? I..I just don’t lateness! I am sorry ”

” I.. it’s nothing, I should be the one apologizing ”


What’s he doing? He took the files from my hand and placed it on his desk before facing me again!

He gently but roughly grab me and my b**bs came in contact with his chest!

My eyes widened at that!
Oh God! I am sure he felt it!

He protectively held my wa!st as his breath aerifying my!

He gave me a soft kss on my neck ! Oh God!

I couldn’t help but let out a pleasurable mo*n!
What’s he doing to me?

” J… Jace ” I called .

Instead of a reply, he smashed his l!ps on mine!

Saviours! What have I gotten into?

I fought breathlessly to release myself from his grip but to no avail! I was no match for him!

I can’t say I don’t love the pleasure I am deriving b..but, he took me unawares and this is an office, anyone might come in at anytime!

” J.. Jace ” I called in between the kss .
After what seems like forever, he broke the kss and stared at me!

” You love me Charlotte, I can feel that? Why can’t you accept me?”

” I want you Char, I want you to be my girlfriend ”

He blurted out in frustration! I have kept him waiting for a long time and I think it’s time I give live a trial .

” I..I.. I.. will be your girlfriend Jace ”




🏵️ Chelsea 🏵️

” Someone is here to see you ma’am ” Martha said!

Someone? I am not expecting anyone! I don’t even know people around here so who?

” Who’s the person?” I asked ..

” He wouldn’t tell us ma’am, he just wants to see you ”

Who’s the person visiting me during work hours?

” Okay, let him in”

” Yes ma’am ”

She left and in no time, there was a knock on my door! I told the person to come in.

To my surprise, it was Noah! Oh my goodness!

” Noah?” I furrowed my eyebrows! What’s he doing here?

” Since you wouldn’t pick my calls Chelsea I decided to visit you, at least to know how you are faring and to ask for your forgiveness! ”


” Uhmm, you didn’t do anything to me Noah please sit ”

He sat down opposite me while I stared nervously at him!

” But you were mad at me right? I am sorry I shouldn’t have asked about your past, some memories are better left behind ” he said sincerely!

He thought I was mad at him? Of course I am not;

” I am not mad at you Noah, I am sorry for the way I behave yesterday. I just don’t want to be remembered about my past but, I think I will share it with you one of this days ” ….

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