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Mistakenly His – Season 2 – Episode 12

🌺 Charlotte 🌺

I hived a sigh of relief heading back to where he was standing! G0sh! He scared the crap outta me!

You wouldn’t blame me, I ought to be scared!

When I got nearer, I saw he was laughing ridiculously at me!

Seriously! It’s not funny! I had to run fir my life! I haven’t done anything reasonable for myself in life so I don’t wanna die or get kidnapped again!

The first experience wasn’t all good;

” Wait! Where were you even running to?” He asked amidst laughter while I rolled my eyes!

” You can be this scared Charlotte ” he was still laughing

” It isn’t funny seriously, I had to run for my life ” I said walking back to my condemned car!

” Well I understand but what are you doing on the street by this time?” He asked

”’s my car, it got knocked down . It just wouldn’t start ” I replied blatantly

” Okay, I can give you a ride home then you can fix your car by tomorrow ”

Huh? A ride home? With Jace? My boss?
It will be very awkward and I will feel really uncomfortable!

” Uhhm, you don’t have to worry! I..I will just call my brother to come pick me ” I said!

If I have thought of that, I wouldn’t be on the road by this time!

” C’mon Charlotte, it’s dangerous here. Before your brother comes who knows anything might happen ”

” Just let me take you home please, this once ” he pleaded.

This is actually the first time he’s pleading for something! He pleaded with me for the very first time so do I have any option?

What he said is true, street boys are psychos .

They might Rob me and decide to do otherwise!

” Char please ”

I sighed raising my hands up in surrender!
Not that I have any choice!

” O..okay ”

He gladly opened the passenger side for me like a gentleman and I sat down!

I can’t believe it, Jace has really changed a lot!
I never thoughthought he can be this gentle!

He ignited the engine and we drove away in an uncomfortable silent! I was tensed up !

The conditioner was switched on but I was feeling the inner heat! I can’t wait to alight from the car !

” So? How are you doing?” He broke the silent and I almost chuckled!

Is that a question? He can see I am fine or did he just want to start up a conversation?

I am not actually ready to stammer please!

” I.. I am fine of course ”

” You are beautiful you know ”
I choked on my spit as I heard that! Really?

My face turned crimson and I looked through the window stylishly throwing my face away!

” T..thank you ” I stuttered trailing off! It’s getting more heat up

” You are welcome, you know I have always admired you Charlotte. Forget you left, the feeling is still there I can’t forget you Charlotte, when you are deeply in love, it’s hard to let go ”

” I have tried but I can’t, I just can’t stop loving you with you being far away or near”

” I am [email protected] in love with you, nothing can change that ”

My eyes met with his and I quickly looked down!

I don’t know how I feel about this whole thing.

I..I thought he’s gotten over that! He was really serious about loving me?

W..what do I say to him because right now, it seems I lost my tongue!

This is worst than I thought!

” I..I..”

” You don’t have to say anything Charlotte, if it’s time you need, I will give you enough time to think about it but know that I have changed and become the man you’ve always wanted ”

When he finished his speech, we were already in front of the house!
Thank goodness!

Oh well! My Dad is popular remember? So anyone can easily know his house!

” Here we are ” he said coming to a halt!

I hopped out of the car and so did he! Wait! Okay!

” T..thank you J.. Jace ”

” It’s fine, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the office. Do not come late, I hate tardiness ”

Yeah right! I know that already! Say something new !
He pecked my cheeks, smiled at me, entered into his car and drove off leaving me stunned!

What the h.ell?.



🏵️ Chelsea 🏵️

Can he stop calling please? I switched off my phone giving myself a peace of mind!

I know I shouldn’t ignore Noah’s calls but I can’t help it!

I won’t be able to say a word when I am in tears!

I am not mad at him for what happened earlier! If he had known how much it will hurt me remembering my past, he wouldn’t have brought it up!

That moment, I just couldn’t think straight! I am wrong for leaving him , I just wanted to cry my eyes out!

I wanted to tell him about me but I couldn’t!
I don’t know how to start such conversation!

I grew up with no one to talk to, no one to advice me and no one to confide in .

I just don’t know how to share my problems with others!

Then , it happened! I keep it within me ! Who do I tell when I had no one? I guess that’s what’s affecting me till now!

The door opened revealing my other half, I quickly wiped the tears in my eyes faking a smile!

I don’t want her to get worked up over me! I hate being a liability to people!

” Hey sis ” she said throwing her bag at me! G0sh this girl!

She looks somewhat happy and I could tell she’s blushing over what God knows!

” Welcome ” I managed to say!
I wonder what kept her at the office since!

” Yeah thank you, how was your first day at work? Tell me , any gist? There’s this handsome guy Neo told me he employed, I know you will be eyeing him by now ” she blurted and I chuckled!

Seriously? I don’t even know anyone except Neo and Martha! That’s his secretary!

” I ought to be asking you that Char, why are you blushing? Did anything happen at my back?” I asked!

Her eyes widened and her cheeks reddened

” Is it that obvious?” She asked and I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore!

” Of course it’s very obvious that you are blushing so tell me , what’s behind it ?”

She removed her shoes, earrings and necklace before settling down with me on the bed!

” It’s Jace ” she whispered!

Jace? Who’s Jace? Probably her boyfriend!

” Your boyfriend?” I asked and she shook her head! Then who?

” Uhhm, Ice pick ”

My heart skipped in fright as I heard his name! W…what? He’s Jace?

” pick?” I quivered gripping my pillow!

” Oh Chelsea, he’s not going to hurt you again. He’s a changed man now and besides, he said he’s forgiven you ” she said!

She can’t know Ice pick more than I do can she?

” saw him?”

” Yes, he happened to be my new boss Chels and my car got knocked down on the way so he brought me home ”

Really? Her new boss? Oh my! Ice pick is now a boss in a company?

That shows he’s really changed person

” So? ” I asked

” So?” She replied

” What’s your relationship with him? Why will he make you blush?”

She fidget with her fingers before replying me while I stared curiously at her!

” Well! He said he love me Chels and I believe him b.. but I don’t know how I feel about him ”

Wow! New discovery! If he’s really good then I can’t stop her from being with him!
If I can change, anyone else can!

” You don’t love him?” I asked

” I don’t know Chelsea, I don’t ” she replied worriedly!

I thought for a while and came up with an idea! Okay! It’s gonna work perfectly!

I am Chelsea remember?

I picked up my phone and switched it on, that sound it makes while starting happens to be my ringing tone .

” Wait a sec ” I told her and she nodded while I did like I was receiving a call!

” Hello, good evening ” I said to no one while she watched keenly

” Yes one of Mr Gabriel’s twins ”

” Oh! Maybe you mixed my number with hers, this is Chelsea speaking not Charlotte ”

” W …. what?”

” Oh my goodness! Jace? What happened? ”

I said dramatically and I saw Charlotte tensed! Yeah! That’s what I want

” O.. okay, I will inform Charlotte immediately and she will be there ”

I hung up feigning sad!

” What happened Chelsea? What happened to Jace? Is he fine?” She asked hitting me slightly

” I..I am sorry Charlotte, he got into an accident on his way and…it’s really bad , I don’t know how they got my number b.but he was rushed to the nearest hospital, JK”

Before I could say another word, she was already at the door!

She wasn’t even with a single shirt but [email protected]!

I tried hard to hold my laughter and called after her!

” Wait up Charlotte ” I called
she stopped breathing heavily

” What’s it? I need to see him now , I.. need to ” she said choking on her tears .

I couldn’t hold it anymore! Okay! I burst out laughing!

” You love him Charlotte, admit it ”

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