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Mistakenly His – Season 2 – Episode 11

🌺 Charlotte 🌺

I stood in my office trying to catch my breathe.
How the h.eck did everything happened?

I still don’t understand how Jace turned out to be my boss!

Was it him Neel took away his properties?

Sighing loudly, I continue gathering the files I was entering into the system before he called me!

I chuckled as I remembered he forgot what he actually called me for!

Good thing I wasn’t the only one nervous!
I thought he was gonna be very strict on me because I didn’t gave an answer to his proposal! It wasn’t even a proposal!

He did told me he love me but he didn’t ask me out so how do I reply to that?

When I don’t know how I feel about him! I am just having a mixed feelings and it’s confusing me!

He’s scary and at the same time cool to be with .

The last few days I spent with him made me understand the type of person he is.
I just hope I will be able to cope with his presence and to crown it all being my boss!



🏵️ Chelsea 🏵️

” Let’s go already Chelsea, it’s getting dark ” Neo said worriedly!

Getting dark by 5pm? What the h.ell? I know we close from work by 5pm but it’s not that late right?

I can even be outside till 3am in the morning!

” Calm down Neo, it’s not dark yet ” I replied closing my laptop!

I think I will start bringing my own car from tomorrow! He’s such a scary cat!

” B..”

” Do not worry, you can go home. I am going out with a friend ” I said and a small blush appeared on my face.

He studied me for a while shaking his head!

” A friend? You have friends around here?”

” Well! He’s just someone I met some weeks ago ”

” He?”

Oops! Gosh! Can’t I just keep something to myself!

I wanted to tell only Charlotte about this first!

” Uh..m yeah ” I replied stuttering! As an elder brother, he might kick against being friends with guys but Charlotte and I are matured right?

24 freaking years, old enough to get married even!

He chuckled at me staring suspiciously!

” O..oh okay , now what did you expect me to tell Mum and Dad? They are going to ask of you ” he said!

Yeah! There’s a point in it ….

” Tell them I went to see friend and will be back soon please ”

” Chelsea” he groaned

” Aren’t you the most handsome brother in the world?” I teased!

He glared at me and left my office!


” I thought you weren’t going to come ” Noah said as I sat opposite him!

” I do keep to my promises ” I replied with a smile!

He nodded staring into my soul! I blinked my eyes and looked back maybe there’s someone he’s looking at but no, it was me!

His intense gaze were burning me that I have to clear my throat!

” You look beautiful Chelsea ”

Oh; I know my cheeks have turned pink already!

He’s the first guy that ever said that to me!

” Uhh, t . thanks, you don’t look bad either” I complemented

” Good evening ma’am and Sir, what can we offer you?” The waiter popped up!

” Water will do ” I replied bashfully!

I don’t wanna order anything and he won’t have enough money to pay!

He will feel embarrassed if I pay and again, wanna eat dinner with my family!

” Just water?” He asked and I nodded

” And you sir?”

” Juice then ” he replied, the waiter took down our order and left!

” So?”

” So? Maybe we should use this time to get to know about each other ” he said

” You already know me right? I am Chelsea, nothing interesting about me ” I replied bluntly

” I just wanna here you speak Chelsea, I will still listen even if it’s not interesting. I want to know about you like your childhood, you growing up, those memories ”

My face turned sour! My expectation changed into a dark one! The smile on my face vanished into the tin air as tears gathered up immediatetly!

There are memories I don’t wish to remember anymore, the memories I am trying so hard to forget, those painful memories that tears me up whenever I remember them?

What exactly should I tell him? That I became a sx t0y to different men before I could even clock ten?

Or that I grew up as a thief? Or the fact that I was beaten up to stupor several times for running away from being taken advantage of? Or those times I passed out due to the way Martin go into me roughly!

” Chel…..”

” I don’t want to talk about it ” I cut in wiping the tears that threatened to fall!

” I… I am sorry if I said something wrong pl…..”

” I think I have to leave now, goodnight Noah ” I took my bag and began walking away ignoring his calls!

I need to be alone and let out the tears! I heal me!

The wound I was trying to heal, has opened up again, very fresh!

A date ruined!




🌺 Charlotte 🌺

G0sh! This can’t happen to me! Not now, it’s 7pm already and this car has to just stop working now? In the middle of nowhere?

I stayed back to finish up my work and now this?

Pacing to and fro! What do I do now? No single cab in sight!

Everyone will be so worried about me!

I can’t possibly take a walk home, it’s very far from here and this place seems dangerous!

The darkness alone is scaring the crap outta me!

Oh saviours! I saw a car coming and I prayed silently!

Let the person be going my way please! And on the other hand, I was scared!
What if it’s a kidnapper or a robber?

The car came very close and stopped just few inches away from me!

Why did the person stopped? Oh! To get me!
God! To kidnap me!

I began shifting away from the road making my way to run!

No! I took to my heels immediately to anywhere my legs lead me to!

” C’mon Charlotte, it’s me. Can you please stop running? ”

I almost fainted on hearing the voice! I stopped breathing heavily so as he! He ran after me!

” Oh my goodness! J.. Jace ”

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