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Mistakenly His – Season 2 – Episode 10

🏵️ Chelsea 🏵️

” Goodness! I am tired of teaching you this same thing over and over again Chelsea ” Neo said tiredly!

Is it my fault I am not just grabbing it easily?

He’s been turning to different places on the laptop and he expect me to just learn everything like that?

” I am sorry Neo, but can you take it again? I promise I will learn fast this time around”

He sighed and concentrated back on the laptop while I smiled! He just have no option!

” When you are given a chart, you don’t use any word on the laptop except the MS Excel! It will make it easier for you ”

I nodded in understanding! He didn’t explain it this way the other time .

When you are calculating a chart or anything related to the work you’re being given , your full concentration is needed”

He kept explaining on and on! I understood most of them but not everything!

Everyone has her own special system of learning!

My brain can’t take everything at a time! I will learn when it’s important.

” You are one of the bosses here and you don’t go about leaving despicable examples like late com…..”

” Oh Neo not again! I told you already, I won’t come late again ”

” Better or else I will get your a*s fired or deduct from your salary ” he rolled his eyes leaving my office!

” ptfjfh! You wouldn’t dare Neo ” I glared while he smirked

” I am your boss remember? So address me as Mr Ashton idiot ” he said and I scoffed!

” In your nearest world! Leave my office” I snapped playfully.

” Your boss ? Infact you are fired ” he dragged me by the arm and I kicked him!

” Ouch! That hurts! ”

” I will do worse if you don’t leave ” I glared

He stick out his tongue to me and left! So childish!



🌺 Charlotte 🌺

” J….Jace?” I called in a surprise tone while he still kept his face is expressionless .

H.. he’s my boss? Oh my goodness! I became more nervous than I was the other time!

He looked so handsome and more responsible! His hair cut was just low like normal, his face looks charming but cold.

His beard well trimmed! His lips cute!
Goodness! I looked away immediatetly when I knew I was drooling!

Is it just now it he’s been this handsome? A handsome gentleman!

” You don’t go about calling your boss their names Miss Ashton ” he said coldly!

I blinked my eyes rapidly apprehending everything!

Why’s he acting like her doesn’t know me?

” sorry Sir ” I stammered! I don’t want to loose my job do I?

” Sit ” he ordered and I hastily drew out the chair opposite him and sat!

I could see a wide smirk plastered on his face!

” You need to sign this fast Ja….”

A guy said coming in! Wait! I remember him! He’s that guy that works for Jace !

His eyes landed on me and I could see him smiled!

” Charlotte right?” He asked and I nodded!

” It’s nice meeting you again you remember me right? ” I glanced at Jace who stared directly at me then at him!

” y.. yes, Arc ” I said and he chuckled!

” That’s not my name pretty, you can call me Sean! I am Sean ”

Wow! They really have names and just decided to bear those godforsaken names? I don’t even know the meanings

” O..o…”

” I believe you came here for something Sean ” Jace snapped and I shifted in fright!

Why’s he behaving cold towards me? Did I do anything to him?

I remembered he was the one that let me go, when Dad planned on getting him arrested, I kicked against it. So what?” .

” Yes, you actually came so you could sign this document. It needs your signature ” Sean replied and handed the file to Jace!

He briskly signed it as I watch Sean whispered something in his ear while he shot him a glare and Sean cracked!


” Okay then, see you around Charlotte ” he said in a polite tone and left!

I wish it’s Jace that’s this friendly towards me!
I don’t know but I think I miss him!

My head snapped back at him as I heard a roar of laughter!

He’s laughing!
I thought he was being cold a while ago?

He continued laughing giving me a kinda look while I sat there confused staring at myself!

Did my dress in any way tore mistakingly? Or what?

” You see the reason I picked interest in you from the very first time? Your innocence and loyalty ” he spoke up!

” You need to have seen your face Char ”

Wait! He just called me Char! Like char in a friendly way!

Do not mind me, I was just acting up ”

” You are not mad at me?” I blurted out and he chuckled!

” Why would I? Of course I am not mad at you ”

I released the breathe I didn’t know I was holding for a long time!


🏵️ Chelsea 🏵️

I yawned tiredly as I finished up the work!
I thought it was easy!

There is a lot of work to do. I now know why those that works comes home very tired! .

With just looking at the assessments from the workers! I am tired already but I am not lazy right?

I will get used to it with time!

A knock came on my door, stretching myself for the nth time, I shouted a ‘ come in ‘

” Good morning ma’am ” she greeted!

” Yeah good morning! Why are you here?”

” Mr Ashton asked me to give you the files ma’am, he said you will have to sign before it can be submitted to Mr Kim ”

I nodded and collected the file ! I was told were to sign and I did!

Forget I didn’t attain education! I know what signature is all about and I have mine too!

” Thank you ma’am ” she bowed and left!
What I love here is the respect they are all giving me!

My phone beeped and I said it’s an unknown number!

📞 Good morning Miss Ashton, I am calling from the EFC station. Your attention is needed right away 📞

I chuckled in hearing the voice! Did he think he can scare me?

📞 I know it you Noah, stop buffing 📞

I heard him gasped over the phone! That’s me, when I hear your voice once, I will know it’s you the next time.

📞 What the… how did you know I was the one? 📞

He asked and I giggled!

📞 Your voice of course 📞

📞 Meaning my voice is mentally stored in your brain? 📞

He asked surprised ! It’s not a big deal is it?

📞 Yeah! 📞

📞Okay, so how are you doing? 📞

📞 I am fine, just stressed out from work seriously 📞

He chuckled!

📞 this is just the first day Chelsea and it’s still morning ” he said and burst out laughing at me!

📞 I know but it’s tiring 📞

📞 Don’t worry, you will soon get used to it 📞

📞 So?📞

📞Well! I called so you can have my number and ask for a favour too 📞

📞 Okay! What’s it?📞

📞 I…i.uhm. I was thinking if you will be free by 5pm 📞

📞 Yeah why?📞

📞 I… want to take you out 📞

He stammered and I chuckled again! Did he have to stammer?

📞 Like a date?📞

📞 Sort of 📞

📞 Okay, I will be ready by 5 📞

📞 Yes! Thank you Chelsea. I will pick you up from work right?📞

📞 Yeah 📞



🌹 Jace 🌹

Seriously! I didn’t know she will be working in my company!

Well! I am happy about that, I will get to see her everyday freaking day!

That’s enough to make me happy!

I stared at her taking in her appearance, she look beautiful like always.

” Uhh.. you called me…. Sir! Is there anything you want me to do for you?” She stuttered looking everywhere but me!

She just wouldn’t look at me! Not even a glance!

She’s just too unique! Her uniqueness attracted me to her!

She’s not like other ladies out there, special and all.

I just want to stare at her till forever! Seeing her nervous like this because of me warmings my heart!

I cracked my head to remember what I called her for but couldn’t, I have forgotten! G0sh.!

” I don’t think it’s necessary anymore, I will call you when you are needed ” I said and she stood up

” O.. okay… Sir ”

” Cut the formalities Charlotte, call me Jace. I was only kidding awhile ago okay?”

I said sincerely! I want her to call my name from her mouth!

Hearing my name from her mouth sounds like something special!

The way she pronounces it gives me an unending joy!

” Ok…okay.. sir…I mean Jace ” she quickly opened the door and Left!

I am now the type of man she will love to be with right?

I can’t stop loving her! I almost gave up but not anymore!

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