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MISSING – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 3]



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Story Title: MISSING (+19)

Episodes: 3

Category: Romance

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“Daniel! You won’t believe it! I told you I’m gonna get her! You see,when you are aiming at something or someone so special,all you need is patience patience and patience! Wheew! This calls for celebration and testimony… *Felix was dancing to an imaginary beat and suddenly he stopped* “Hey dude,what’s up? You didn’t even say a thing, what’s wrong?


Daniel looked at his childhood pal who was more like a brother to him. The one year difference between them meant nothing. He has always got his back and on many occasions,he has given him the privilege of dating the girls he wanted. Being the ever gentle pal,Daniel makes sure Felix is happy. Yes,he loves him that much. No doubt,Felix is a ladies man. He is so cute,with a charming smile,captivating voice and heart melting words. To crown it all, he is living comfortably. Who wouldn’t fall for such personality? But,Felix was a great flirt,who would go extra miles to get the lady he wants. Unlike Daniel,ever faithful,but gets jilted every time. He is good looking and well to do. He has all it takes to drive a woman nut,but he will rather keep his craziness for his partner alone. Daniel was a sweet lover.

This seems different,Felix has been after Annabell for good six months and Annabell being the sturbborn type,gave him a real tough time. He is so crazy about her and he is ready to settle down with her.


Looking at his best friend screaming and dancing right now made him smile. Like for real? Felix is in love? Daniel gave a broader smile and said. “I’m cool man, I’m just surprised. You know,you’ve never being this crazy about a lady. Well, I’m happy for you. Come give your brother a hug. *Felix accepted the wide spread arms with smiles*

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