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Missed Call – Season 1 – Episode 6 [Completed]

*Part 6*

I assured her that all was well. She was still nervous and embarrassed from the last experience. I held her cheek and moved her close to me and kissed her. My heart was racing very fast. Her palms were sweaty and she was trembling. I couldn’t believe that i was about to make love to an Angle. It seemed like a dream. She kissed so well. I pulled out her top to reveal the sexiest cleavage. That is what diamond calls,cartoon ya kuchorwa. It was so perfect. I strocked her long hair while kissing her neck and the wonderful cleavage. She took off my tshirt while passing her soft fingers over my chest. The feeling was intense.

Soon,we were both naked. I then lifted her with her feet around my waist. I felt her wet p—y over my belly. She held me so tight,pressing her boobs on my chest. We hit the bathroom. I turned on the shower to flow upon us. Kisses were unstoppable. We felt the passion from our hearts. I can tell from the way she kissed me. The warm water brought a sense of sexxxual excitement. I rubbed her cliiiit while suckkking on her kinky hard nipppples.

She spread her legs in ecstasy. I went down on her to lick the p—y of an heavenly being. God must have created her in the morning. The c-m filled my mouth. She was shaking as she cummed. She wanted me in her so badly. I kissed her while she rubbed my diiick and knelt down to suuckkk it. She s—-d and rubbed. Then i held her from behind and rubbed her cllllit while kissing her from the shoulders. She stuck out her butt and held my diiiiick,pulling it to her juicy small p—y. I didn’t want to f–k her…i wanted to make love to her. I switched off the shower and led her out.

Into the bedroom. I pushed her to the bed and went again for the p—y. I licked her making her moan so loudly. “Oooh de nice give it to me…”. I held the diiiiick and used it to rub her cllllllit. She pulled me wanting it deep inside her. I pushed it in making her open her mouth saying,”wooow,such a nice warm diiiick. Make love to me De nice. I feel like dying. You are so sweet.”


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