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Missed Call – Season 1 – Episode 5

*Part 5*

Sauda agreed that it was a mistake trapping me. She opened up and said that she had developed some feelings on the brief time that we met. I was having the feelings too. Plus i wanted to teach my wife a lesson that you don’t show a hyena some meat just to punish it. Sauda was the type of a girl that would make a pastor have an accident while staring at her. Those buibui stuff should be banned in kenya. They hide some ripe goodies. Muslim women are endowed i tell you.

I was visiting a friend in kericho one weekend and i decided to take her. She is from garrissa and she said that she rarely travels. She liked the road trip. The green tea plantation was like heaven to her. We had many stop overs to take photos…of course with her phone. She assured me that no one touches it. But i didn’t give a f–k. Afterall,i was on a revenge mission.

My friend received us,knowing my mission. He lives alone in a three bedroom house. His family live in another town. He left us to visit his family. My wife knew that i had gone to visit my aunt in the same town. We settled down sipping some cold juice. I didn’t know where to start.

Am a shy type of a guy. Her eyes were pure white with a bit of blue in them. She said that she had some arab blood. I moved my hand and held hers. She squeezed mine while looking at the tv. Both of us were shy. She had a long black tight dress with a slit that came all the way up. Her orange coloured skin made me h—y.

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