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Missed Call – Season 1 – Episode 4

*Part 4*

The thought of my mum seeing my circumcised d–k was an abomination. I wouldn’t forgive my wife. I took my clothes and dressed up one by one. As any man,some people in my mind were discussing on the next course of action. No man will accept to take the responsibility. As a circumcised african man,you need only three things to do even when you have been caught.

Deny,deny and last but not least,deny. I decided to turn the tables on them. I told them that since it was their plan i had nothing to say. I warned her against sending the nVdes to the family. I told her that i knew that she had not sent them yet and so she shouldn’t.

She wanted to jump on me but i had to look at her like a lion in order to save my ass. The kalenjin in saved me. She knew that she couldn’t set her hands on me. I would not do anything to her but the look was a defensive mechanism.

I learnt that they were colleagues and they had been monitoring my moves throughout. I worked out of the house with the biggest embarrassment ever in history of my few years here on earth. I headed home. She gave me long lecture. The best thing to do is to shut the f–k up. I comprehended the turn of events and how i didn’t see this one coming. We didn’t talk to each other for almost a month.

The muslim girl sent me a message saying that she was sorry and she didn’t know that it would end up in a bad way. I told her that i understood and i had no hard feelings against her. But God has a miraculous way of doing things. But am not sure if it’s God or the leader of religious opposition party. We had developed a strong bond with lets call her Sauda. We chatted but she promised not to tell my wife. I had one agenda. She saw my body,so ill see hers.

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