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Missed Call – Season 1 – Episode 3

*Part 3*

She told me to visit her at her place one Saturday. It was well timed because my wife was going to her home. So around noon,knowing that my wife was gone,i rushed to take a shower and left to her place after she directed me. She gave me the house number because she didn’t want to arouse suspicions from nosy neighborhood.

I went right in. She was as sexy as ever. After a long useless talk,i stopped her amid talking with a passionate kiss. She paused and then kissed me back. It felt like nippling on an ice cream. She closed her eyes to enjoy ecstatic sensation. Then she began undressing me amid kisses and and passing her soft hands over my body.
I wanted to undress her but she told me to relax. I was right there naked,on her sofa. I noticed that she was nervous and kept looking away whenever our eyes met. Then she said,”am sorry” and moved away. I thought maybe she was freaking out. I stood up to hold her but she moved away. She was looking at a door right behind me.

On turning,i almost fainted. It was my wife. She had a phone,taking pictures of me. I just opened my mouth,wanting to talk but what would i say. She was smiling telling me,”ulifikiri wewe ni mkora saaana?”. I looked at the girl but she looked away. My wife told me that the whole d–n thing was her plan. She told me that she had sent the photos to the family whatsapp group. My d–k became a toothpick. My ball disappeared. My mouth became dry. Someone shoot me dead please.

This was too much.

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