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Missed Call – Season 1 – Episode 2

Part two

We became good chat mates. We got to know each other and that’s how i discovered that she was a hot, sexy, bootilicious Muslim girl. She had those curly hair with some sexy big blue eyes. One day she posted her profile photo and alas…she was a goddess of love.

Everything part of her was perfect. She told me that her religion was strict on matters love and social media. But she said that she lived alone and hence she enjoyed some freedom. We went from official communication to flirting.

One day i proposed that we get to meet for a cup of coffee or something. She was hesitant but she eventually agreed. I was dying to meet her. I swore to myself that i was gonna hug her,to feel the boobs that i had seen on the photos that she sent me. She told me that even us meeting was not a good idea since i was a christian. She said that her dad was very religious and strict.

We met at a coffee shop along langata road. She had some tight jeans trouser with a nice white blouse. She also had a cap. She told me that it was a way of concealing her identity. But she she left her house in a buibui. I hugged her so tight that she complained. Who would not take long hugging an Angle. I ordered some coffee while she ordered some honey with sijui hot water plus God knows what. Let me be honest. It was my first day in a coffee shop. What the hell do people enjoy in these place. I go to bar not this shit called coffee shop. Then a bill is brought and you are left there calculating the amount of beers that you could have taken. F–k coffee shops.

Anyway,our conversation was so awesome. I liked the way her lips moved. I imagined her kissing me. I undressed her right there with my eyes. She spoke a lot of English but i replied in kiswahili and sheng. Am not comfortable with the queens language. Mimi ni mkenya joh.

We became good friends. I wasn’t wasting any time. She made me so h—y at every chat. We flirted so much and desired to have each other. So close. We ended up setting a date.

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