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Missed Call – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

Missed Call

Missed Call



This was one morning when a stranger called me asking if i received the “small parcel” that she had sent. The voice was not familiar,neither did i have her contacts in my phone. I told her to check the number again and she called again to say that i was indeed Jack. I told her that i wasn’t jack and hence we ended the conversation.

But as usual,any fisi will not throw away such an opportunity. I saved her contacts. In the evening,i got to whatsapp and said hi to her. She had those love quotes as her profile photo and so i did not get to see how she looked like. The message remained unanswered till the next day. Around mid morning,she replied,”hi sasa”. We chatted and she swore that she knew me as Jack and that she used to have my contacts but she lost them. She claimed that her friend gave it to her. She went ahead to show me the friend but i didn’t recognize him.

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