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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 9

The next day after the vigil, chatting with Tope on 2go, we kept on chatting about last night, may God have mercy on us. We were already planning on meeting on Monday in my place so that we could have enough s*x, a comfortable s*x. But what I was expecting Tope to tell me, he didn’t, he was just talking about my b0s0m, [email protected], how he enjoyed the s*x and all those raw things, he didn’t ask me out, doesn’t he want to be my boyfriend? This guy should ask me out now, at some point I was beginning to think we are already dating. Shebi we’ve had s*x that means we are dating, so while chatting I asked him if we are dating, if he’s my boyfriend. Tope replied with “you can’t be my girlfriend”, I was surprised, what does he mean by that, I told him we had s*x, he said that was what I want and he has given, he said he can never date me that we should just be s*x mates, I was totally disappointed. He said he can’t date someone like me, saying almost all the boys in my church has had s*x with me, that he only prefers s*x with me. Blood of Jesus, have I become so cheap? A whole me, s*x mate? As I fine reach, that idiot want to take me as s*x mate. I told him, I can’t do such, if we can’t date then he should forget about us. He began to beg me, apologizing, I thought he was begging for something important, he was begging me for s*x, saying he can’t do without [email protected] I was totally irritated, I just went offline immediately. Can you imagine, so Tope came to have his own share of me, no wahala, at least I enjoyed hisJ0yst!cktoo, I swear I enjoyed the s*x, make I no lie.

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The following day was on Sunday, I was dressed to kill for church service, looking so hot. I’ve already made up my mind not to greet or talk to Tope, I was late to church that day. When I entered the congregation, you know its teens church, group of friends will sit together. Immediately I entered the church like this, come and see how Tope and his friends, groups of friends began to laugh, they were laughing really hard that day, everybody noticed it was me they were laughing at. I’ve had s*x with almost all of them, its not my fault now, those guys are too cute, I’m not being cheap, I’m only being a cheerful giver but I guess they’ve taken me for granted. I sat down beside my friends, my friends was asking me what happened between me and them. I couldn’t give them an answer, I just told my friends to bone them. The next thing, one of them, Enitan, started calling my name.

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Enitan: Charity, won’t you come and greet Tope today?
Chai! Shame catch me, they all began to laugh, laughing really hard. So Tope told them everything about us, that means those boys do tell each other about our encounter. It means they gossip about me and how they had s*x with me, this so unfair. They were laughing, calling my name, I looked at them, looked at Tope, he didn’t laugh, he winked at me. I couldn’t believe someone like Tope can be so cruel, I really F***ed up. The laughing was becoming annoying, the teen pastor had to warn them and separate them, I couldn’t do anything that day, I couldn’t walk out, i just sat down all through. They kept on laughing individually, I know it because I broke up with all of them, most begged me again for s*x and I refused, maybe that’s why they are beefing me. Foolish guys, from that moment I made up my mind not to go to that church again, I made up my mind not to join the choir or speak with those boys again, including Tope. But seriously God knows I like Tope so much, I was beginning to fall in love with him, too bad.

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