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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 8

Tope brought out his fabulousJ0yst!ck, brought out condom from his pocket, he tore the condom, I was just looking at him, I was happy I could get Tope, I was feeling on top of the world. Tope looked at me and smile, the funniest part is that everywhere was dark, we could see everything that was happening, he started kissing me again, holding the condom with one hand squeezing my b0s0m with the other one, I told him to stop, he didn’t even listen, I didn’t even pray he listens cos I want him toF**Kme really hard, I’ve been dreaming about this day. I remember each time I see Tope in the church, I would just have this crazy imagination of me and him making love, anything I see him I always stare hisJ0yst!ckregion, fantasizing on sU-Cking it, I already know hisJ0yst!cksize looking at his trouser alone cos he doesn’t know how to package his J0yst!ck in his trouser, hisJ0yst!ckis always hanging by the side making it obvious when he wears trouser, each time I see it, it turns me. He pushed me to the wall, dipped his finger into my skirt and pulled off my g-string, he raised my skirt and turned me over, I was facing the wall. He was about to wear the condom, I wasn’t feeling comfortable anymore, I turned around and…

Me: Please stop
Tope: What is wrong with you now? Stop behaving like a kid
He touched my b0s0m, the condom was already on the tip of his J0yst!ck..
Me: I know, I’m not comfortable here, anybody could just walk in
Tope: Nobody can come here, its dark and they are praying already
He kissed me…

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Me: Let’s kuku go upstairs
We got upstairs, it was one of the empty rooms, his J0yst!ck was still hard, we started kissing again, we were not Unclad, we still have our clothes on, I couldn’t sleep on the floor for him toF**Kme cos my clothes would be dirty and I wouldn’t want anybody to suspect especially my church friends, so its better we have our clothes and do it standing and facing the wall. He lifted my skirt, I was facing the wall, he wore the condom on his J0yst!ck, his trouser was on his knees, he began to sq££ze my butt0ckz as he was inserting his J0yst!ck in my [email protected], oouch, Tope is heavy, he m0aned as he inserted it slowly. He began to jerk me slowly, slowly, slowly, I was m0an!ng in a low tone, he began to sq££ze my b0s0m with his two hands, then he became faster, pounding me really hard, banging me from behind, moving really fast this time, I was just m0an!ng so mildly, I love the way he was m0an!ng too, I could feel him, yes, yes, yes, then he became slow again, he lifted my right leg up and was banging me really hard, I was about to Pour, it was getting hot, I was about to Pour, he was banging me really crazy..

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Me: I’m about to Pour (breathing heavily)
Tope: Yes! Oh Yes!
Tope didn’t stop, he was going really fast, he brought out his J0yst!ck, I was just squirting, he quickly removed his trouser so that it won’t get wet.

Tope: Ah! Yes, sorry..

He moved closer to me, inserted his J0yst!ck and was banging me again from behind, my legs were already shivering, I never expected a long s*x like this, all mind was a quickie, I couldn’t tell to stop, I was enjoying it but it was just too much for me, the pains too and I wasn’t comfortable, Tope kept on banging me fast and slow, banging me, banging me, banging, at some point I could control my m0an!ng anymore until Tope finally Pour, he finally Pour, what a relieve, hisJ0yst!ckslipped out of [email protected] I turned over, he was just breathing heavily and was just smiling, we were both sweating. He didn’t even say anything but was only smiling, I was expecting him to ask me out, he didn’t. We wore our clothes properly, he gave his face towel to clean up my sweat, he did the same thing. Then hugged me and planted a deep kiss on me, I was still waiting for this boy to ask me out, is this how to ask a girl out? As we were both leaving to go join the service that was going on, I held his hand..

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Me: I love you…

He looked at me and smiled…..

Tope: Okay..

What is going on? Just okay?, I thought maybe he’s shy or something, at least I’ve had s*x with him, he should date me abi, I guess we are dating at least we’ve had s*x, it means we are dating, or what do you think? Anyway, I entered the church first, after some minutes he also entered the Church, prayer was going on, we were all praying, could you believe that the person that was praying the most in my corner was Tope, come and see how Tope was speaking in tongues, come and see how he knelt down praying, Jesus Christ! I was surprised, I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t pray, if someone sees him, they would believe Brother Tope is spiritual not knowing what he does behind is “highly spiritual”, may God have mercy on us, no wonder they said, judgement would start from the church.

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