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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 29 [Completed]

Still hoping to have more children anyway, praying everyday for children not child. The most amazing part of my story is that; one day I was in Lagos with my son to visit my parent, cos they have been begging me to come visit them, so on getting to my old street, where my parent lived, where I used to live with my parent. Everywhere has changed, i was in the car with my son and the driver was driving, in told my driver to drive the car to the next street that I needed to see a place.

We got ton the next street, car was moving, I quickly told the driver to stop when we got to the place. I wind the window down and I saw a small billboard that wrote “SanJay Mechanic Workshop”, I looked at my son, I began to laugh, it was a mixed a feeling, I didn’t if I was happy or sad. That is actually the Mechanic’s workshop I was caught some years back, this mechanic’s workshop got me into trouble or should I say success. My success story began from this Mechanic’s workshop you know, while my sorrow also started from their. After staring at the workshop for some minutes, we drove off.

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That mechanic’s workshop gave me happiness and sadness, I got pregnant from the s*x i had with a stranger in that Mechanic’s workshop, I have a son, my only child. This same mechanic’s workshop gave me a son that has no father. That’s terrible, cos one day my son will grow up and be a man, he will definitely want to know his biological father, that is a must. Well, I’ll tell him what happened, I’ll definitely tell him how it all happened, how my wayward life made to conceive him in a mechanic’s workshop.
I’m still doing my best to look for his biological father, I know God will help me. How shameful with it be to tell your child that out of waywardness you got pregnant to a stranger you met on Facebook? Or how more shameful will it be to tell your child it all happened in a mechanic’s workshop? No matter what you do in life, either good or bad you will definitely reap from it. As you lay your bed as you lie on it, even though nobody is perfect.

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*****THE END*****


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