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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 28

My parent we’re never part of my life cos they abandoned me, my mother tried coming back into my life but the closeness wasn’t there anymore, I can’t stand my mother for 1hr, I can’t even stand my father at all even stand my father at all even my siblings. My son and grandmother was my only family, they were my only responsibility. My parent and siblings tried everything to please me but I just don’t know, there is this distance that I don’t understand. I don’t hate them, I love them but there is this disconnection between us, I was more closer to my grandmother, most of my new friends even thought she’s my mother. My grandmother was benefitting from me, I took care of my grandmother cos she stood by me, she’s the real mother of my son but not the biological mother, the love between my son and my grandmother is inseparable. I love them both, they were my happiness and joy, we lived together, my grandmother lived with me.

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Like I said earlier on, I dated numerous men, I’ve got to date, cos I need aJ0yst!ckand I need to get married cos I wasn’t getting any younger. The men I dated wanted me to be their second wife or third wife, I hate that but it was so hard to get a single guy to date and marry them. I dated few single guys but it never ripe into marriage. I dated rich men of Delta state, I was getting connections, getting contracts to be personal hairstylist to some of the big women in Delta state. It was massive for me, I finally opened a big beauty and spar shop in Lagos, I’m a girl so I’ve got to use what I have to what I want and I played my game wisely.

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To cut the long story short, I have 7 beauty shops, still hoping to open more. I got married to a rich man who’s into Oil & Gas and also a Politician in Delta state, I became a second wife, I don’t have choice cos I can’t have it all. My life totally changed, I became more matured. After 4 years of marriage, I couldn’t conceive, I couldn’t get pregnant, i tried everything to get prevent, in even travelled abroad for medical check up, but nothing was wrong with me. Assuming i had aborted my teenage pregnancy, does that mean I would be barren? Thank God my father didn’t allow me to abort the pregnancy, thank God I didn’t marry Martins either cos if i had married him I’m sure he would have gotten a second wife, it would have even been worse if I married him cos I wouldn’t be able to give him a child after marriage, only God knows why I didn’t ended up marrying Martins. Only God knows if I’m destined to have just one, just a child, only one child. Who knows?

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