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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 23

My mother opted for abortion by my father disagreed, he said I was going to give birth to the child and carry the shame form the rest of my life. Give birth to a bastard? A child that has not father, my father said I couldn’t live with him anymore and during this period he was elevated from assistant pastor to pastor. He sent me to the village to go live with his mother, my grandmother in Delta state. My mother wasn’t happy about the decision but I had no choice than to accept my fate. 2 days later, I packed my things and moved to the village, to live with my grandmother. They don’t want the street and the church members to know about my shameful pregnancy.

I finally relocated to the village, my grandmother’s place in Delta state. My brought me to the village, he explained everything to my grandmother. She wasn’t happy about it neither was she ready to despise me like my parent. Living with an old woman was hurtful, I cried day and night, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, but my grandmother was always by my side to comfort me and encourage me, she would advise me, satisfy me just to make me happy. My academics was put on hold, my life was ruined, so happy with myself. I went through a lot, hell, it wasn’t easy for me. I would go to the arm with my grandmother, carried firewood, cooking with firewood, grinding pepper on stone, doing all these hard chores with my growing belly.

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My parent hardly send money for my upkeep, I dare not call them to send me money or to complain. I just had to adjust, I would help me grandmother to sell her wares, she’s jack of all trades, she sells everything, I wonder how she combined them, at some point I got frustrated, it wasn’t easy. I had no friends, I used to keep some friends in the village cos we do visit home every Christmas but I just had to avoid them cos I was ashamed of myself, moreover I was pregnant so would want to make friends with a wayward pregnant girl. There was one dude in the village that we used to have s*x every December time me and my family visit home, he was my village boyfriend. A local champion but he was student of Delta State University and the side is also cute. His name is Martins, my village boyfriend back then before I got pregnant.

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Martins was still friendly, despite the fact that I was pregnant for someone else, he do come visit me, to check on me. Each time I see Martins, I was never comfortable talking to him, I was so ashamed of myself. Talking to Martins was like I should enter the ground, I tried avoiding each time I see but he just won’t back off. We became friends sort of, o the extent that villagers though he was having s*x with me, rumours.

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