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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 21

I was surprises, I was pissed, have s*x in someone’s shop in an open place. Even tho that place was dark, he asked for a kiss instead, I gave him the kiss, the kiss turned into something else, we began to smooch, in held his J0yst!ck in his trouser, he’s huge but not as huge as the 16 year old Mathew. Then he was going too far, I told him I can’t have s*x in an open place, I declined, cos I was scared of being caught there.

I wanted the s*x but I was scared, then he suggested we should go to another place that nobody can catch us, I told him I don’t know anywhere, I begged him to postpone the s*x for some other time but he wouldn’t listen, he was just begging me, insisting we find somewhere else, kissing me, squeezing my b0s0m. Songs suggested we go to a mechanic’s workshop in that same street, the same mechanic’s workshop that belongs to the guy whom was was asking me out, Sanjay, the same guy I embarrassed. Iyke kept on persuading me , I never wanted to go but I eventually followed him to the mechanic’s workshop. We got there, we began to kiss, romance, pulling off his belt and trouser, I pulled off my blouse and skirt too, I wasn’t wearing underwear that evening sef. He la!d me on one plafond like that and began to bang me, he [email protected] me really sweet and slow, he made love to me and I totally enjoyed it cos its been long I had one. Pounding me really hard, kissing me, squeezing my b0s0m till he finally Pour, breathing heavily. All of a sudden I saw a man walking towards us holding a stick, shouting “thief, thief, thief”, thief? We quickly got up, the man threw the stick on us, Iyke tried to escape but he was unlucky as he was caught by another person waiting outside, while me I was fidgeting looking for my clothes.

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The man that threw stick or should I say the man that caught us was San Jay himself, the mechanic guy. I knelt down immediately begging him that we are not thieves, for where, San Jay didn’t listen ooo. Whereas San Jay workshop was being watched by people in that street cos his workshop was robbed two nights ago, which I didn’t know of such happenings. I kept on begging San Jay to pardon me that I’m not a their, I was practically Unclad, San Jay didn’t answer ooo, he collected my clothes from me and started shouting on me, saying he’s going to disgrace me the way I disgraced him. He told to stood up, he stylishly touched my b0s0m, looking at [email protected] his finger to it.

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San Jay: is this not all you’ve been hiding for us, I’m seeing it for free. See your life, you dey use me do shakara (arrogant)…..

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He pushed me out, holding my clothes, I began to cry, begging him to have mercy, before you know it people have gathered. I had to use my hand to cover [email protected], I was really crying, I never wanted to meet or have s*x with Iyke but he forced me. I should have followed my instinct, assuming i didn’t come to see Iyke, this wouldn’t have happen to me, temptation.

They caught Iyke, come and see the way they were slapping Iyke’s face….

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