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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 20

After several months of staying away from social networking site, so I decided to check my Facebook account, I’ve never met anyone or date anyone from Facebook. I logged into my account, surprisingly I saw over 30 friend request, most of them are male. The ones I know and the ones I don’t know, I accepted all the request and I logged out. After few weeks again, i logged in I saw few friend requests and messages. I logged out, so one evening I was bored, really bored, i decided to log into Facebook to chat, then I receive a message from a guy named Iyke, I don’t know the guy but he sent flattering text messages. I checked the guy’s profile, believe me this guy is so handsome, he’s light skinned, very cute. I was drooling when o saw his pictures, I replied him cos I was attracted to him. I didn’t really chat with him that much, so I quickly went offline. The next day I went online again, I saw the guy’s messages again, I replied him, he was begging for my phone number, I didn’t give it out. He stays in Lagos, he stays in an area not so far from my side. I went offline cos he was really disturbing me, begging for my contact. We do chat but not often, I tried to abstain from him even tho I told I live. He wanted to date me, I didn’t accept, I told about my past experience with guys, he told me he was different from other guys, he told he’s not like them. So after 2 or 3 weeks, I gave him my phone number after so much begging and convincing. He started calling, I rejected night calls cos I see it as distraction. He begged to date me but I told him I’d think about it.

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Iyke continued begging, this time he demanded to see me. He wanted me to come to his place or he comes to my place. Yes, Iyke told me he works in a hotel. So one day, in was at home in the evening, I got a call from Iyke, he told me he was in my area of which he had already told me he would be coming to see someone in my area. So he called me and begged to see me, he asked if he could come to my place. I declined, he kept on calling and calling till I finally agreed to see him. I told him we should meet in the next street cos of my parent, I wouldn’t want them to suspect. I yoke called around 5pm, that he was in my area, so I as expecting him to reach our meeting point probably around 5:30 pm or 6 pm. Iyke called me around 7:30pm telling me he’s in my street that I should come meet him at the junction. I told him I can’t come cos its already late, that my parent wouldn’t allow me to come out that evening. He wouldn’t stop calling, begging me to come meet him at the junction. I finally agreed to see him, I had to look for one excuse to give my parent so that they could allow me come out in the the evening. I lied to them that I want to go rent a movie in a video club. They agreed cos my family loves movies, so I went to meet him at the junction. Iyke is really cute, I must confess. We hugged, he tried to give me a peck, I pushed him away. So we went to the other street, got to one shop like that, we sat down and began to talk, it was dark and that shop is one corner like, its not an open place like that. The next thing he began to touch me, asking for s*x.

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