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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 17

After that incident, Alex didn’t bother to call or apologize, I guess he’s got what he want from me. I felt bittered, I was so uneasy with myself. I cried for days, I was worried. I decided to change my ways, I decided to live a better life or should I say a new life. I changed everything about me, I needed to be a good girl and focus on my academics which has been on a faulty foundation. I needed to work hard, pass my exams and gained admission into the university. I needed to move closer to God to lead me in a good direction. I stayed away from sins, I concentrated on my upcoming exams, I also concentrated on the Hairdressing I was learning in my Aunt’s salon. I put away all the shame and started going back to church,no stayed away from all forms of social networking site, I deleted my account but I didn’t delete my Facebook account.

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My parent were happy about the new life I was living because I became an obedient child to them. I was more free with my father. My style of dressing changed to a decent dressing. During this new life period, there was this mechanic guy in the next street, he’s name is San Jay. San jay has been asking me out, the idiot has been wooing me but I didn’t accept cos I knew he also wanted to use and dump me like others, he just wanted to take advantage of me, of which I’m sure he must have heard how cheerful I am with [email protected] At some point I embarrassed him cos it was becoming so annoying with the way he was disturbing me, insulted and abused him in the public, shouting on him to stay away from me, calling him illiterate.

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Months have passed, I continued with my new life, i enrolled for for evening classes for jamb, after learning hairdressing in the morning to afternoon. I was so occupied that i don’t even have time for chatting on social networking site.

But you know what, I sincerely missed s*x, sometimes I just become horny, self servicing myself anytime I’m horny. There was actually one time me and my cousin almost had s*x, his name is Matthew. Matthew is my aunt’s son, the aunt I’m learning hairdressing from. Matthew is just 16 years old, he just finished his SSCE, so he was always staying at home. Mathew is 16 years old but Mathew has a J0yst!ck of a 30 years old.

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Each time I set my eyes on this boy, I’m always staring at hisJ0yst!ck, that boy is so endowed, he’s huge. 16 year old boy? Mathew is cute, I was a little bit kinda attracted to him, I was older than him with 3 years or so. He’s young tall, taller than me with a deep voice. The boy calls me “sister Charity”

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