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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 16

I greeted her, looked at the girl’s face. What is going on? Who is she? Alex didn’t enter oo, he stayed outside. I sat on the plastic chair. He finally entered but was unable to look at my face….

Alex: Charity meet Nkechi, Nkechi meet Charity.

For real? We greeted each other again, Alex sat on the floor, pressing his phone. I could feel Nkechi was nervous, she’s a minor, she’s a small girl. How come her parent allowed her to sleep out, so this small girl is not a virgin. So the agbaya Alex is having s*x with this little thing, gosh, I was so confused that evening. I didn’t know what to do, if I should go back home or sleep over, it was late already, I didn’t know what to do. Alex didn’t even say a word. The next thing he asked was if I’ve eaten, I told him I wasn’t hungry, the he now asked me if I would still be sleeping over, I looked at my time, it was almost 10pm, how I wish I can just go home that night but I dare not, of anything happens to me.

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When he asked me, I didn’t give any reply. He kept pressing his phone, laying on the rug(floor) , Nkechi was sleeping on the bed while me sitting on the chair, weeping in my mind. We didn’t say a word to each other, the tension in that room was absurd.
12am, we were still in the same position. Then Alex said I should come sleep on the bed if I want to sleep, that I should sleep beside Nkechi. I declined, I told him i would sleep on the rug instead, telling him to sleep on the bed beside Nkechi. Like play, like play, Alex moved to the bed while I slept on the floor. Alex and Nkechi sleeping on the bed, I couldn’t sleep. Now it was 1am, I began to hear both of them murmuring, I could hear Alex apologising to the girl, the stupid girl too was saying she shouldn’t have come, that she was afraid. Alex told her he didn’t invite me, that I’m the one forcing myself on him. They both thought I was asleep and I could hear all what they are saying, before I know it, Alex was already banging the girl in my presence, haaaa! It was then that I realised that men are dogs, men are heartless. Alex made love with this girl right in my presence, he wasn’t even bothered if I was there or not. Alex was really banging this girl, i no fit cry, I could hear Alex telling the girl I was asleep. I couldn’t sleep, I was horny. After they finished having s*x they slept off. I was unable to sleep, how can I sleep, I can’t now, I just kept on checking the time, morning should come quick so that I can leave that place. I tried sleeping, all of a sudden i discovered someone was kissing me on my cheek, I woke up it was Alex.

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Alex: Baby I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would come, I’m really sorry….

I pushed him away, I didn’t say anything, i told him to leave me alone, I was really mad at him.

He kept on forcing himself on me, kissing me, pulled off his boxers, he kept non kissing me, apologizing, I didn’t know what came over me, can you believe that Alex [email protected] me too on the rug. He [email protected] me really hard, he made love to me. I was really ashamed of myself, but I wanted the s*x too, at least my coming to his place won’t be in vain. He [email protected] me inside out, till he finally Pour. Very early in the morning, around 5am, I quickly woke up, dressed up and tapped him that I was leaving. I picked my things, looked at Nkechi on the bed, she wasn’t asleep, meaning she saw us having s*x on the rug too, she was shy as well. I finally left Alex’s place, that was the last time I saw him. I deleted him straight in my life, I was really disturbed till I got home. So unfair how men treat we ladies, so unfair….

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