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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 15

Me and Alex continued chatting, chatting about our last encounter, so we decided to meet again the following week. Although, he was the one persuading me to one again the following week cos I wasn’t sure if my parent would allow me go this time. However, I told my parent about it but they were not giving good response, they were surprised that its every week we would be going for vigil. Especially my mum, she didn’t give me a positive answer, so I told Alex about what was going on at home even though I didn’t tell him I won’t be coming again, I just told him I wasn’t sure yet, letting him know its under probability.

I began to do all the house shores just to please my parent, I became a good girl all of a sudden, before my calls to help, I’m already there helping. I kept reminding her about it but she didn’t give me any good response, whereas Alex kept on bugging me, disturbing mW if I would still come or not. The way Alex was disturbing me on this was scary, he calls me almost every time just ask if I would still be coming or not. I even though it because Alex misses me, I thought because Alex was so in love with me.

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Friday finally came, Alex was the first person that called me that morning asking me if in would still com, i told him I wasn’t sure, while calling me my phone went off. My battery was flat and there was no power to charge my phone. God so good, my mum agreed I should go but it was late in the evening that she accepted, after I begged and begged her. I was suppose to inform Alex about it but my phone was switched off, battery was flat and there was no power to charge it. I can’t use my phone to call him, I wouldn’t want her to suspect me. So I left home around 6pm, since I already know his place and he’s also expecting me. There was traffic that day, so I got to his place around 8:30pm. I knocked on the door, Alex opened the door….

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Me: Surprise (smiling)
But Alex was shocked…..
Alex: What are you doing here? I thought you said…..

Me: Don’t mind my mum jare, she finally agreed this evening.
Alex checked his wristwatch, he wasn’t happy to see me, he was scrating his head.
Me: What is the matter? Are you not happy to see me?…. So you won’t allow me to come inside, I’m even weak, the traffic was just too much.
He didn’t say anything….

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Me: What is wrong with you?
I pushed him aside and entered his room, to my surprise I saw a girl laying on bed wearing Alex’s shirt. Not just any girl ooo, a small girl, this girl should be way younger than me.

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