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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 13

Friday finally came, he had already sent directions on how to get to Ketu. I left home around 6pm, I have already packaged myself well, well. I got to Ketu, one bus stop like that, I called him to come pick me, which he did. He took to his place, his place is so awkward, he’s living in the ghetto side of Ketu, his place is not fine at all. Living in face to face, one room, I entered the room, it was okay, still better. He entertained me, he put his television on, I was watching one Indian movie, all of a sudden I discovered Alex was pulling off his clothes, including his boxers. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, he’s hot, he wrapped his waist with his towel. I was sitting on the bed, he jumped on the bed, la!d on the bed, he started touching me…

Alex: Are you enjoying the movie? (Touching me seriously)
Me: Yes…. I don’t really like Indian movies like that.

Alex: Okay…. I love you (flirting with me)
Me: I love you too (giggled)
Alex: Come closer now, why are you far from me? Are you shy? Come closer…
I was kinda shy, I moved closer to him, he rose up to kiss me, we continued kissing, kissing, smooching, on the bed already, we continued, kissing and smooching, he was just squeezing my b0s0m, he unbuttoned my choir uniform, squeezing my b0s0m in my bra, he helped me remove my bra, he began to sU-Ck my Tips, squeezing and sU-Cking my Tips, he removed his towel, I was really horny already, I saw hisJ0yst!ck, damn, my body shivered, long curvyJ0yst!ck. He pulled off my skirt and my underwear, Alex, dipped his mouth [email protected] was eating it really hard, he rimming me so sweet, I was really m0an!ng so hard, he was eating [email protected] he was squeezing my b0s0m, he moved up to kiss me, kissing me so passionately at the same time, fingering me, he began to sU-Ck my Tips again and was fingering [email protected], I was just panting, m0an!ng, he was really fingering me, squeezing me b0s0m, kissing me, then he stopped, he kissed me….

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Alex: Can you sU-Ck me?
I nodded, I rose up and grabbed hisJ0yst!ck, I began to sU-Ck the cap first, licking the cap, sU-Cking his cap and he was shivering as I was sU-Cking the cap only, boys do shiver when you sU-Ck that cap. I kept on sU-Cking his J0yst!ck, I’m not an expert but I tried my, he quickly removed his J0yst!ck from my mouth stood up and went to his desk to take condom, he brought a condom, he tore, he wore it, I was la!d on the bed already, he la!d on me, kissing me, squeezing my b0s0m, he held hisJ0yst!ck, he placed it on the tip of [email protected], he began to rim me with his it, he began to insert hisJ0yst!ckslowly inside [email protected], I wouldn’t help but to m0an, he also m0aned, he removed it and inserted it again, he was doing it slowly, kissing me, squeezing my b0s0m, m0an!ng,Bleepingme slowly, slowly, he became fast a little bit, he continued doing it a fast pace, I was feeling his J0yst!ck, he kept on going faster, squeezing my b0s0m, panting, he lifted my legs, he held them and began toF**Kme again, looking at my face, m0an!ng, he was enjoying me, all boys enjoy [email protected], he turned me over, lifted me up for doggy style, he began going faster, faster, squeezing my b0s0m as he wasBleepingme, i kept riding his J0yst!ck too, it was heaven on earth that evening. We continued mummy and daddy’s style again, pounding me really hard, pounding me, he became slow, slowly, he put his hand on the tip off [email protected], rubbing the tip of [email protected] he was pounding me, pounding me, I began to Pour, Pour, legs shaking already, he continued pounding me, I kept on squirting, he continued pounding me, haaaaa! Till he finally Pour, breathing heavily, I squirted more than 4 or 5 times, he la!d on me and was breathing heavily. We finished, we cleaned ourselves, he was just kissing me and smiling, saying I’m hot. After the s*x, he asked me what I was going to eat, I told him anything, he went out to get me a food, we ate and slept off like couples. Did you guys know we did second round in the midnight?

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