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Mechanic’s Workshop – Episode 10

On Monday, I was home alone as usual. I was still kinda sad about what happened between me and Tope, I was lonely. Me and Tope already planned on meeting that day, I even gave him time to come sef but since what happened between us I guess he dares not come to my place, although he sent a text message last night asking me if he should still come the following day. I was watching TV then I heard a knock on my door, who could that be? I wasn’t expecting a visitor, me and Tope cancelled our meeting already so who could it be, well to my own surprise it was Tope. What is he looking for again? I told him I don’t want to see him, then he started apologising, I didn’t open the door for him in the first place but he was disturbing me, so I had to open the door for him. He entered, already in the sitting room, he started apologising, saying sweet words to me, then he asked me out, he finally said he want me to be his girlfriend. For real? I was angry tho but I wasn’t expecting him to come to my place or even ask me out after what happened between us. I was a big fool, a very big one, I fell for it, I wanted the s*x again, I needed to be la!d that day, cos I’ve already planned to have a crazy s*x with Tope. Tope is so good at it, he really gave it to me good the last time and I needed something like that again.

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He apologised, I actually accepted. The next thing asked for was if we would still have s*x as planned, I disagreed, I told him its not gonna happen. He started persuading me, begging me seriously. He kissed me, funniest part is that day I didn’t wear any underwear, I wore an indoor gown. Tope became so close, he began to touch my b0s0m already, he was really hard, he was so horny, it was very obvious he needed s*x. I told him to stop that I’m not interested, he didn’t listen, the silly thing he did next was dipped his fingers into [email protected] began to finger me.

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Wow! I couldn’t believe it, I was in paradise.

He’s really good, I don’t care if he can’t date me, i just want hisJ0yst!ckthat’s all, I want s*x with him. Everything became so intense, I loosened his belt, unzipped his trouser and brought out hisJ0yst!ck, hisJ0yst!ckis wet already, I could see little Pour. Did you know what really pissed me off? It was when Tope requested for Mouthaction, I looked at him, I discovered this guy just want to use me again. If i give him a Mouthaction that would be main topic of discussion between him and his useless friends.

I declined, I told him I can’t do such, as a matter of fact, we can’t date. I told him I don’t want the s*x again, come and see how Tope was begging me, he was beginning to force me, assuming he had the opportunity that day he would Molest me cos he was really forcing himself on me. I told him I was going to scream, I told him to stay off, I never wanted to see him again. I sent him out, he was totally embarrassed, he never believed i could such, I disappointed him and his friends, I guess they’ve planned on this too, thank God it didn’t work out, I was sharp enough, this will tell them I’m not really a cheap girl or am I cheap? May God have mercy on guys who like to take girls for granted, its unfair now. Moving on to next guy please…… Alex the calabar dude!

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