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Mechanic’s Workshop – [Episode 1 – 29]

Mechanic’s Workshop

Mechanic’s Workshop

I’m a girl or should I say I’m a grown up lady… Well, during my teenage days I was really a bad bad girl, I started taking real J0yst!ck at the age of 15 years old, i remembered my love affair with my neighbour, not just any kind of neighbour, he was married then, in his 30s, a young couple, he’s cute, he lured me to his bed with money, I’m a girl, I need money now. Things got worse, when his pregnant wife discovered something was going on between me and her husband, she really showed me pepper, threatening me and my parent, I became the main gossip of the street. , who cares? I kept on sleeping with this man, it wasn’t my fault cos this man wouldn’t let me be, he kept disturbing me and I kept Bleeping him, anyway I ruined their marriage, it wasn’t my fault, or is it? We had to move away from that place to another place because the heat was too much. Enough of that piece of advert, my name is Charity, I’m a pretty girl with a nice structure, I look older than my age anyway, so real men approach me most times. This story is about what happened to me in a mechanic workshop in my street, so sit back and enjoy this short story of mine…
How did it even start sef? Okay, I remember, it all started with Facebook and 2go. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account or 2go, we started out with these chatting site before bbm and the rest came. I had numerous friends on Facebook, always receiving different friend requests, also on 2go too, I met lot of different people, I met so many cute and ugly guys through this social networking site, I had s*x with some of them, we do the hook up thing a lot, especially 2go, damn!

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2go is the fastest and easiest place to meet anyone for hook up, especially those rooms on 2go, I’ve had s*x with at least 6 guys from 2go, I dated some of them briefly can I even call that a date? Cos after the s*x we hardly chat again, anyway being a very flirty girl in my teenage days, I was so obsessed with cute boys, big d!cks and s*x, I even ask guys out to date me, I s£duced them to F**K me, I’ve had s*x with all the guys I had crush on, I even disvirgined some, i snatched some from my friends, I get what I want, I’m a girl and I’m beautiful. Wait, its not that I was cursed or something but it is what I like and I can’t do without it. I’m a born again christian, my dad is an assistant pastor in my church, I’m a very talented chorister, I lead praise and worship very well in my church, they see me as a good girl but some see me as a hypocrite, especially my father, he loathes me, he doesn’t want to see me in his presence cos I love bringing shame to him. Who cares? Its my life.

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Now let start, like I said earlier I had s*x with 6 guys from 2go while I had just one and the last with a guy from Facebook cos it wasn’t easy getting guys like that on Facebook, I swear the only one I had with a dude I met on Facebook became the most hurtful part of my life and it actually became a turning point for me, I almost committed suicide. The first guy I met on 2go name is Damilola…..

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