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Meant To Be [New Edition] – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 14]

Meant To Be

Meant To Be

Story Title: Meant To Be [New Edition]
Author: Ajagbe
Contact Info: 07061933852

Episode 1.

“You can make the payment at the microfinance bank.” The level adviser said again.

I quickly grabbed my bag and my file and I left the office.

My name is Oluwatimileyin Turner but you can call me Timmy Turner to make things easier. Being my first day at the University of Ilorin, I went there with my uncle to register and pay all necessary fees and I was given all necessary documents including the dress code bulletin with the level adviser reminding me perhaps, for the hundredth time not to dress shabbily or irresponsibly to school, failure to comply will have me face the school disciplinary committee. I can remember clearly till date, my first journey into the school: it was so big, beautiful and green, it has a teak plantation of on both sides of the road. I could not believe my eyes when we got to the dam first then the stadium. We were directed to Block three where we met with the level adviser. The level adviser went through my files and checked my o’level result, birth certificate and state of origin certificate before approving that I go for the final admission process.

“Mr Jokotoye, the acceptance fee costs forty five thousand naira sir.” The level adviser said.

My uncle’s jaw dropped in surprise like he couldn’t believe his ears.

“The fee changed due to the new vice chancellor who got transferred here.” The level adviser added.

My uncle nodded and logged in into my portal to make the payment. After the payment was made, we made to leave and the level adviser walked us off to where our car was packed. When we got into the car, my uncle and I talked about how being a student of University of Ilorin will look like.

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Our car parked in front of the CBT pavilion after a seven minutes drive and we stepped out. At that time, the sun had fully taken its position in the sky. White fluffy clouds drifted across the blue sky as the sun beamed beautifully, casting a golden glow upon the earth. Different cars were parked outside with different students and lecturers stepping out of them. Some students even drove themselves to school. My uncle and I just stared and look around.

“Let’s look for the New Science Lecture Theater Two” I said. The level adviser had already told us about the lectures and timetable. My uncle walked towards the Statistics departmental office while I entered into the huge building which stood directly opposite the CBT pavilion. I kept on passing all the offices in the basementand on my way i met many international students along the way.

After about five minutes of wandering, I finally saw the new science lecture theater two. I climbed the staircase and entered into the lecture theater. At first, everything seemed so different in the university. I looked around the lecture theater, it was filled with red cushion seats and wooden desks. There were also air conditioners stationed in every corner of the lecture theater with a projector at the podium. The lecture theater was filled with almost five hundred students and I somehow felt lost and out of place.

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Everyone in the lecture theater were lost in whatever it was that they were doing and no one noticed me until one girl looked at me and pointed at me and then the girls around her began staring at me too. I became really scared not knowing what to do. just then a man in his mid-fifties came into the lecture theater I guessed he is the lecturer. Everywhere became silent as he pointed at me. “Find somewhere to seat young man.” He said calmly. I walked to where the girl was sitting. I got to the seat and a very beautiful girl was sitting there. She smiled at me and uttered “good morning”. The seat was positioned at the middle of the lecture theater, people were still muttering as I dropped my bag and sat down.

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“How are you?” The girl asked in a fluent English accent.

“I’m doing just fine, how about you?” I replied smiling back at her.

“I’m fine too. My name is Ayokanmi but you can call me Ayo.” She said smiling back at me.

“I’m Timmy.” I said

“You introduced yourself at the level adviser’s office…. Remember?” Ayokanmi said cutting me off.

“Yeah,” I looked at her hand and saw the book she was reading it was ‘Sad Love Story By Ajagbe Ayodeji’ it then brought back memories from the level adviser’s office.


“Wow! I’ve read this book before.” She said moving closer to me

“Really? This is my favorite among Ajagbe Ayodeji’s books.” I said closing the book in a bid to attend to her.

“Yeah, me too. So which chapter are you in?” She asked.

“Nah! I’m not telling…. I don’t need a spoiler” I laughed at her.

“Alright then.” She paused for a while and then continued. “So do you read novels alot?”

“Yeah, I do. I write too just for the fun of it. I was called Prof in my high school days” I said and we both laughed.

“Really?” I love people who write and I love creative people too. Please do well to remind me to read one of your books.” She said

“Most of them are on Wattpad and I’m on Wattpad as The_Ayodimeji. Follow me and you’ll get to read all my stories.” I replied.

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“Sorry I didn’t catch your name” She said as she made to leave the level adviser’s office.

“I’m Timmy.” I smiled graciously at her.


After the end of the MAT115 class, I left the lecture theater to meet my uncle. I bumped into a girl at the doorstep and her books and phone fell off her hand. “I’m in danger” I said silently thinking the girl will be mad at me but instead, she just smiled.

“I’m sorry,” I said feeling quite remorseful

“It’s fine,” she replied and I bent down to help her in packing her books. She bent down too and we packed the books together. I arranged her books and handed them back to her.

“Here’s your phone too.” I said handing over her phone back to her.

“I’m Favour, how about you?” She asked

“Uhmm…. I’m Timmy.” I replied

“Nice name you got there,” she replied

“So what department are you Timmy?” She asked leaning towards the wall.

“Plant Biology.” I said sharply

“Wow!” She exclaimed “I am a student of Plant Biology too” She replied.

I hadn’t checked her face since we started talking. I managed to steal a gaze from her toes to her head. “Not bad” I said to myself. She has a well braided and neatly packed hair; she is dark and a bit chubby; she’s of average height and has a set of clean, white teeth too. She wore a wine t-shirt and a black short skirt which revealed her figure eight shaped hips and thighs. She also had a big ear ring on. So big that one could easily slid his hand in.

“Timmy” she called out and her voice brought me back to reality, “See ya later” she added and waved at me.

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