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Meant To Be [New Edition] – S01 E09

The next working day was a Monday. My alarm had woke me up as usual and I prepared for school. I got to the lecture theatre around 8:00am. There were two securities around the lecture theatre who were on the watch for students who wore contrabands to school. Luckily for me, I wasn’t caught even though I wore a ripped jean to school that day.

I met Paul at the lecture theatre and narrated how I spent my weekend and the dream I had to him.

“Please tell me about the dream,” Paul had begged.

“Okay, here’s how it went.” I said looking at Paul in the face.

★ The Dream ★

We entered into a lecture room which wasn’t occupied by anyone and Favour handed me a pack with three condoms. I looked at them curiously for a while wondering how on earth I would use them.

She noticed my puzzlement and asked sincerely. “Have you ever used a condom Timmy? Do you even know how to put it on?”

I blushed and said, “No”

Then she took one condom and tore it opened. She wore it on her thumb as an example. “This is how you wear a condom. You have to make sure it is tight huh?” I was even pissed at that. I was just an innocent young man.

She noticed how shy and confused I was. “You must be a virgin.” She said teasingly.

“Have you ever had sex?” She asked and I said “No.”

She looked around the empty corridor. There was no one. Just the two of us. She called me and opened the door leading to the lecture room. She told me to hurry up.

“We don’t have all day,” she said and pulled her short skirt up, her pant down and spread her legs as wide as they’d go. She laid on the desk then she told me to wear the condom just like she had told me to wear it.

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I did as instructed, and she pulled me close, and oh, yes. There I was, right deep inside her wet, tight p***y.

But in just five minutes, I came and it was just too much. She felt the hot, creamy fluid inside her too and asked me,

“Did you put the condom on just like I told you?”

“Yeah, I did! Just like you told me.” I replied

“Let me see,” she said

I showed her and she screamed. “Oh f**k. You are supposed to wear it on your dick, not on your thumb you fool.”

I smiled as I finished narrating my dream to Paul.

“Omorr! Thank God say na dream oh. Na so you go just turn Daddy.” Paul laughed out loud and then continued, “That babe is really into you Timmy. Make una no fuck up oh.”

Maybe Paul was right after all, maybe Favour was really in love with me but I wasn’t sure If I felt the same way towards her.

I had a great weekend with Favour I must admit, I spent the weekend at her place and we had lots of fun. We went on dates, kissed, hugged, watched Netflix and chilled but didn’t have sex. Her love for me had grew much more stronger than I could have ever imagined but my heart wanted someone else, Grace. She was the one I want, she had felt it too but my brain wanted Favour. I sighed at the thought of that.

“Good day class!” The Zoology lecturer said as she entered the class.

“Good day Ma.” We all chorused and settled down on our various seats.

“I am not here to give lectures today but to give you the area of concentrations where your continuous assessments test questions will be from and also something to keep you busy for the week.”

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The whole class grumbled and complained including me.

The lecturer wrote the area of concentrations on the white board and explained the Phylums and Kingdoms to us. She sent out materials to the class representative too and gave us pages to read as well.

I couldn’t recall myself being an average student after getting five Fs in my first semester results.

After the day’s activities, I walked around the motion ground higgledy piggledy waiting for Grace to show up. I finally found her at the entrance of the main library near a parked car. I walked over to where she stood and we exchanged greetings. I saw that she was trying to draw some images in her notebook from her Zly103 textbook. I helped her with the drawing and it was a ‘wow’. She thanked me in return.

“Are you going home now?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she shrugged her shoulders.

Grace and I walked towards the school park with our hands clasped in each other. I was humming Fireboy’s ‘what if I say’ because I had no idea on how to start a conversation. I have never been this clueless.

Just as we were about to get to the park, Grace whispered into my ears “I love you Timmy.”

I froze at her statement and my eyes began to roll like I was dizzy. I was actually shocked and I thought it was just a dream. I pinched myself several times just to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

“I love you too Grace.” I said with tears filling my eyes. I squeezed her hand and held it tighter than I did before.

“Are you sure?” Grace asked with confusion written all over her.

“Yes, I am very sure. And I will always love you” I replied and tears were already dropping by then.

“So you will not break my heart or will you?” She asked again.

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“I swear with my life, I won’t break your heart. I will never do that.” I said, but within me I know there’s a problem.

I was getting really scared like a lot of guys, commitment scares the hell out of me and here I am making promises that I don’t even know how to keep.

Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland was playing from the subwoofer of a pink ice cream van parked behind the Lagos male hostel. We embraced each other that the air between us started to suffocate. We had totally forgotten that we were at the school park and all eyes were on us. Ayokanmi and Mary passed by and made a hissing sound.

“Hi,” I said waving at them. I got no reply and they walked away as fast as their legs could carry them.

I laughed silently and I for once in my life, felt like the happiest man alive.

I have to admit that I fell in love with Grace at first sight. Favour had somehow fell in love with me too right from the day we first met. I once thought Favour was a girl out of my league and it’s better we remain just friends but Grace was a girl I needed to be with. I can’t just watch the love of my life going away with someone else. That ain’t happening, never!

Now here is Favour, seriously falling in love with me and me now having an entanglement with her Friend, Grace. To me, I believe nothing was more perfect than having two sweethearts you need most in your life needing you as well and I wasn’t going to waste that chance of being happy even if it involved dating two of them separately.

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