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Meant To Be [New Edition] – S01 E07

I got back to my hostel that evening and the rain started falling again while on my way back to my hostel. I was slightly beaten by the rain and my books were not left out too. Fortunately for me, my phone didn’t get wet as it was a waterproof phone. I dried my wet clothes on the line and carefully placed my wet books on the reading table near the standing fan.

I sat on the mattress thinking about Grace, the girl I had just met. Could it really be love at first sight like I thought? Or was it mere infatuations like Arafat had told me? I think time will tell. But in all sincerity, Grace was beautiful, cool, well behaved and bright. It’s very rare these days to see a girl who still have her head on her neck because ladies, these days now believe only in their boobs and ass and talking about those two endowments, Grace wasn’t lagging in any of the two. While we were together having lunch at Buka Tee, I tried so hard not to glance at her but she was just too fresh, cool and incredibly neat. Her gentle perfume filled the atmosphere. Her boobs were……. “Shame on you Timmy” I thought to myself bringing myself back to reality. “Your Dad had left you for seven months straight and you’re having thoughts like that, you’re definitely an unserious fellow.”

I came into conclusion that I needed a girl in my life but no! It doesn’t have to be Grace. I fought back those thoughts but on a second thought, I felt I needed a girl in my life. I mean, I’m eighteen years already and I once had a perfect relationship with Bukky when I was in high school. Just then, my phone rang and I checked the caller, it was Favour.

“Hey Favourite,” I said as I answered the phone.

“Are you home?” She said weakly.

“Uhm… Yeah, I’m home. What’s the problem?” I asked.

“No, no problem at all. I just feel so weak, bored and cold at the moment. Can you please come over?” She said and it sounded rather silly to me. It’s dark already six thirty two but the discussion still continued.

“Yeah, I can. But that will be later in the night. I am hungry and I need to get something to eat first.” I said.

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“Don’t worry, I cooked rice and fried stew with fish sauce so you can come now.” Favour said on phone and hung up.

I was so happy when she made mention of food. Adesola, a guy in my hostel who had been watching me the whole time was surprised at my sudden mood change.

“Shey Bet9ja don pay you ni?” Adesola asked puzzled.

“No oh, not even close to that… Uhm, the UCJ president just called me that my article had been published on the school weekly bulletin.” I lied and zoomed off to Favour’s hostel. But one thing was still bothering me, wouldn’t Favour take me to be a glutton? Or think I don’t have money to feed myself? I came into conclusion that I am not responsible for any image of me she had in mind after all, I didn’t beg for food from her.

On my way to Favour’s hostel, I met Lara, a fellow course mate. We chatted and laughed throughout the walk. Oke Odo streets seemed to have magically changed after it stopped raining. Coloured lights flashed from shops and signboards with words like ‘BEEBAH’S HUB, CAKES AND PASTRIES, SUNNAJ RESTAURANT’. Traders selling tomatoes, _ponmo_, _fufu_ and vegetables sat in front of their shops talking, locally made lanterns and candles glowed like a collection of stars on their trays. Cheerful music sounds from different shops and Mp3 players. A guy with a faded afro hairstyle leaned against the wall of an uncompleted building kissing his girl as we crossed the busy road. Just opposite the junction, a boy selling potatoes and banana danced recklessly to the music of popular Nigerian pop star Fireboy.

“Heyy Favour,” I said and hugged her. “Are you expecting someone else?” I asked wondering why she was staying outside all alone in the cold weather.

“Nope, wasn’t waiting for someone else just you alone. And why did it took you so long to get here?” Favour pointed at the wristwatch on her wrist.

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“Oh…. I met Lara on the way here and she insisted on walking with me until she got to where she was going.” I said pointing at an hostel behind Favour’s hostel.

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“Alright then,” she said cooly and dragged me inside her room.

She switched on the lights as soon as we got in. She left me in the room and went straight to the kitchen. I examined her carefully from her backside” she’s damn sexy” I thought. Favour wore a jean mini skirt which revealed sensitive parts of her thighs and a ‘show me your back’ top. Her hips were big too. A little bigger than Grace’s own which made her look like a river goddess. Her brown colour was an added advantage too.
Favour came back from the kitchen with two plates of rice with fish and hand grinded pepper and placed them on the center table. She then went back to get the table waters from her mini fridge.

“Bon appetit,” she said nicely as she adjusted her seat position.

We both ate in silence and after the meal, I broke the silence.

“So, why did you call me to come over again?” I asked resting my back on the mattress.

“I called you because I felt like seeing your face again,” she paused searching for the right word to use. “Honestly, I miss you and your wahala.” Favour said

“Missed me?” I asked quite confused. That’s quite strange, coming from Favour. “But we met in school today before you went for the fellowship. How come you’re missing me now when we’ll obviously meet in school again tomorrow?” I said and Favour ducked her head shyly. She looked at me strangely like I’ve said something bad and uncalled for. She sat up, changed her sitting position and laid on the bed with her face up.

I copied her and laid on the mattress the exact way she did. I could feel her hands on me caressing my chest and biceps. I was shocked to the bone marrow reading meaning to what she just did. Before my dull brain could register what was going on, my hand was already on Favour’s boobs and the other in-between her thick thighs. They were so soft. My tongue found its way to Favour’s mouth and fought for dominance while still caressing her big, round boobs and her shapely smooth thighs.
“Hmmmmmm…” Favour moaned as my hand squeezed her firm ass. My already erected d**k went deep in-between her tight thighs with her nipples pressed hard against my chest as if I wasn’t bothered. We continued our hot romance and I fingered her at intervals until pu**y juices came rushing out of her and she claimed to have reached orgasm. It was after our hot romance it dawned on me what just happened. My brain had just registered what happened between Favour and I.
“This isn’t right…” I thought to myself. I have sinned against God by engaging in immorality with my best friend and I hated myself for it. When it both dawned on both of us, we sat up and started watching The Johnsons. A TV show on Africa Magic family and Favour noticed that I wasn’t happy. I had a sour expression on my face so she broke the silence.

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“Timmy! I’m very sorry for what just happened. I did it out of love.” She chocked. What else could she say? She sank down unto the mattress.

“For love?” At that moment, I almost hated her. “Does that even look like love to you?”

She broke down in tears “I fell in love with you,” she sniffed “I’ve always been thinking about you ever since the first time we met at the lecture theater. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and why you’re so different too. I haven’t felt this way for any guy before Timmy. You are my first love and I want us to be together. I want you to be my happily ever after. I want you to be my lover and I am ready to give my all to you.” Favour burst into fresh tears again.
I looked at her face, very surprised. It was sincere. Favour’s feeling was sincere and for the first time, I felt for Favour too that I almost cried too in spite of myself. I drew her closer to me and held her in my arms. I asked her out and we became lovers. She loves me and I love her too – so I thought. And we were so fond of each other.

But what about Grace? the girl I have a thing for?

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