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Meant To Be [New Edition] – S01 E06

Ring…. Ring…….. Ring…… Ring….. Ring
“Ugh” I groaned as I simultaneously turned from my favourite sleeping position and put a pillow over my head but the alarm was still sounding, as loud as it can.
I got up reluctantly from my mattress and looked at the time. It was just five minutes after six.

“Why did I even set the alarm this early? I should have set it to something like forty five minutes after six.” I said to myself

I got up from my bed knowing fully well that I won’t be able to go back to sleep again and strolled to the community borehole behind my hostel to get water for my bath. I got back and showered before changing my clothes. A blue shirt, black face cap, a black pair of trouser and a black jacket.

Of course, I had to wear rain jackets always due to the heavy rainfalls and extreme cold weathers in Ilorin. Though the lecture theaters were always hot during the day but it didn’t change anything that much but outside the lecture theatres? It’s a different story entirely.

I laid down on my mattress again and picked up my iPhone 6s model phone and began to watch some Instagram comedy skits from Lasisi Elenu’s page using my airpods.

It was seventeen minutes past seven when I got to school. I lazily got down from the korope allowing the security man at the school gate to search me. Ripped jean and curly hair weren’t allowed on campus but we the students have a way of sneaking into the school premises while putting on banned clothings.

Some students even attend lectures with dreads and tinted hairs.

And in my own opinion, there’s actually no point in that. I seriously don’t get why the school thinks we should put on only ‘morally’ accepted dresses especially when we’re not even underage. I rolled my eyes at the thought of that.

“Oya Timmy Turner, enter nah.” The security officer said flashing his brown teeth at me which unfortunately had some gap in them. He had seen my name on my school ID card and course form.

“Yeah, I know” I said a little rudely picking up my cross bag, ID card and course form. “Who would even want to stay with you?” I thought to myself.

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I got to the lecture room and brought out my wipes from my bag to clean the dusty seats before settling down on it. By that time, the sky had turned black, it seems it was going to rain and it did rain after we had our first lecture, that was immediately the lecturer left. Everyone began to make noise. Abdulrahman and some Microbiology students were dissing themselves, Alima and her cliques of friends were gisting, some laughing. It was just a normal campus routine. At that moment, some voices floated to the front of the lecture room singing…
No one can love you
More than I do
You’re my only boo
I feel so flyy
When I see you
“It’s Captain Walz and Ibee,” I laughed. “Their flow seemed to be on point.”
“Silly lyrics,” a girl who was sitting behind me said but she laughed too.

Immediately it started raining, I brought out my iPhone from my cross bag and resumed watching the Instagram videos I had saved to watch later.

My phone was snatched from me and I looked up ready to lash the person with words but saw my best friend.

The one and only Favour who must always get to announce her presence whenever she’s around me. I merely rolled my eyes and smiled while she danced to imaginary beats as if she won lottery.

“Give me my phone guyy….” I said

“What’s wrong with this one now?” She shook her head and smirked.

“Pleaseeee now…” I said stressing the ‘e’

“Nah…. Nah….. Nah…..” She said and continued her dance.
“Take your phone before you start crying now.” She laughed as she returned my phone to me.

“Anyways, meet my friend Grace.” Favour said pointing to a lady standing right behind her. I hadn’t noticed her the whole time.

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“Hello Grace,” I said taking her hand in mine. They were as soft as a baby’s butt.

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“Grace, meet my bestie, Timmy. He is a writer and the author of ‘High School Lovers.’ The book that was making rounds on social media last week.” Favour said politely.

“Oh Timmy! It’s a pleasure meeting you. Favour told me so much about you already. Thanks for all you do.” Grace said with a lovely soprano voice flashing her white set of teeth at me. I won’t lie, but the girl is finnnnnneeeeeee. Her bright smile was something to die for, her dimples, is it weird that I’ve always wanted to touch it ever since I set my eyes on her? Since like the very moment Favour introduced her to me, I’d been staring at her. Her eyes, her hair, her shape…. an entirely different level. A nice looking ass with round and well firm boobs that have gotten a lot of feminine care are wonderful toppings on the cake too. She had a figure eight hip curved enough to bring out the shape of her hourglass ass.

But obviously! I wasn’t falling for grace. No way! That ain’t happening yet. Not now.

I could just not imagine a future with someone I just met. Who even does that?

The rain ended around forty five minutes past three. It sure had destabilized the day’s activities. By that time, Grace and I had started feeling hungry. Favour on the other hand had gone for the departmental Christian fellowship at the Chapel of Light where she had just been elected as an executive.

I proposed we go have lunch at Buka Tee and Grace agreed.

If falling in love with Grace at first sight is bad, then I guess having her as my lunch partner will be worse. We were meant to be four on a table but it was just two of us. Grace and I. And yeah, I liked that, the way it was just the two of us.

“So Grace, what else do you do aside being a student?” I said placing my fork on my plate.

“I’m into goods importation and I uhm…. Order goods from China and sell them here in Nigeria at a discount price.” She said with a mouthful of food in her mouth.

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“And why are you in a science class too? For such a bright guy like you who has interest in writing. You should be in art class or don’t you think?” She leaned forward in eager conspiracy.

“Uhmm,” I murmured. “Plant Biology is a mistake. Me choosing Biology Education during jamb registration and ended up studying Plant Biology is something I will regret for the rest of my life. Not just that Grace,” I said tapping her gently by the wrist. “Finding myself in a science class is a terrible mistake on its own.”

“Why?” She murmured. “Why did that happen?”

“I had no one to talk to. I wasn’t properly guided.” I said.

“How about your parents?” Grace stared at me.

“Business, travels, work here and there. They only cared about money and more money.” I said coldly. “Dedicating my youthful years studying a course that I feel so lost and passionless about is something that hurts me badly everyday.”

“Oh, sorry about that dear.” She said feeling quite sad. “So Timmy, ever since you realized that you made a life altering mistake, what have you done about it?”

“I sat up and owned it. I spoke to people that I feel secured around. People that have a sense of what i am going through.” I said quietly, looking around.

“Do you feel secured around me?” She tried to make her voice as meek as possible.

I looked deep into her eyes although a bit surprised she’d just said that but all I could see in her eyes is peace and love.

“Yeah, I do! And I think I’ve found my peace, my joy and my purpose. I have found something very important to me. I have stepped out of that mistake and i have started making a name for myself.” I told Grace after lunch before she left for her hostel.

I had known more about Grace those times we were together and we had quite a lot of things in common just that she prefers Joeboy to Fireboy.

Grace stays off campus at Tipper Garage.

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